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By: Farm 215  11-11-2011
Keywords: Sustainable Tourism, Nature Retreat

A selection of press clippings :

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - March 2010

In an article about the horse trails of the African Horse Company starting at farm 215:

"Die 800 Hektar grosze Farm 215 ist Start und Ziel der Pferdentrails. Hier, zweieinhalb Stunden von Kapstadt entfernt, verliert sich die Zivilisation.".

(The 800 hectare farm 215 is the start-point and final destination of the horse trails. Here, two and a half hours from Cape Town, human civilization is left behind.)

Newsletter - January 2010

The users of have selected farm 215 as the best destination in Africa for the year 2009:

".one of the finest nature retreats we have experienced in South Africa with a wonderful combination of style and eco-tourism."

Responsible Traveller - Summer 2009

"Farm 215 is a visionary example of sustainable tourism in the Western Cape and South Africa.").

Life in Balance Magazine - September 2009

"Farm 215 is a haven of tranquility for anyone seeking respite in a part of the Overberg almost untouched by man."

Condenast House & Garden - September 2009

".immersed in the celebrated Cape Floral Kingdom, there is no one around for miles." Magazine - Autumn 2009

"Wer sich die Farm 215 nun wie einen spartanischen Alternativ-Bauernhof vorstellt, liegt falsch. Naturfreundlich muss keineswegs bescheiden heissen. Die 4 Sterne-Farm ueberzeugt durch puristischen Oeko-Chic und dezenten Luxus."

(Who expects Farm 215 to be like an alternative farm, is wrong. Under no circumstances nature-friendly should be compared to modest. The conving factors of farm 215 are the purist Eco-chic design and understated luxury.)

Roger Zedi in Tages Anzeiger (Zuerich, Switzerland) - April 2009

In an article about fair trade accredited destinations about farm 215


"Wer hier nicht abschalten kann, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen."

(Who cannot switch off here, cannot be helped anymore).

The Independent on Sunday UK - March 2009

In an article about six boutique hotels in South Africa


"This luxury retreat is a vast nature reserve, overlooking the Agulhas Plains and the Atlantic Ocean on the Western Cape. There are just six rooms spread between the country house homestead and three freestanding suites: eye-catching design with wood-burning stoves, downy duvets and toiletries made from native fynbos plants."

Sheryl Ozinsky in Brainstorm Magazine - Feb 2009

"Only two and a half hours drive from Cape Town, the nature retreat of Farm 215 in the Overberg is a haven for the conscious traveler. Here nature shows the way and guests are encouraged to tread lightly …".

Village Life "A New Aloe in the Fynbos"- January 2008

"A new species of aloe was recently discovered where one would least expect it - in the fynbos of the Southern Overberg. This is the first report on the new find, named Aloe Juddii …. An estimated number of 80 individual plants are known from five different locations in the reserve of farm 215 …".

Highlife magazine / BA inflight magazine - 2008

"South Africa´s fynbos is the most divers floral kingdom in the world, with some 9000 different plant species, so it´s good to know you can look at it from somewhere off the grid. Farm 215 in the Overberg has chic fynbos suites heated by solar energy …".

Elle Travel Editor Susan Ward Davies in Elle Travel UK - 2008

A panel of travel experts selects the world´s best small barefoot-chic retreats in Elle Travel´s third annual Chic Shack Awards


"Balancing cool design with a passion for the environment, Farm 215 stands in the middle of a wild nature reserve. Vast decks and floor-to-ceiling windows look out across mountains and swathes of wild flowers towards the distant ocean …".

Red magazine UK - "secret winter escapes" - October 2008

"An unexpectedly stylish retreat is eco-chic Farm 215 …".

Fraser Dodge in the hotel review section of Absolute Magazine SA - 2008

"Driving up the drive, one is struck by the serenity the fynbos delivers ….As a sustainable, responsible tourist destination, it is a remarkable achievement. It is exclusive, luxurious, compact and private …. If you have embraced green principles, as long as they do not interfere with your perception of a luxurious lifestyle. Farm 215 has to be on your agenda."

"Farm 215 has been presented with the Western Cape Conservation Stewardship Association´s Cape Fox Award for Conservation Stewardship …. The example set by Farm 215 as a responsible tourism destination is one that all aspirant entrants into the rural tourism market must take note of and attempt to emulate. "

Jane Broughton in House & Garden (November 2007)

"Light years away from paparazzi woes, the five star factor here is the sense of space and tranquility and pared-down luxury."

Leigh Robertson in Winelands Living (April 2007)

"Farm 215 is an anomaly of sorts, being both deliciously luxurious and strictly laid back."

Jo Skelton in Elle Decoration / South Africa (issue March 2007)

"This fynbos reserve and nature retreat in the Southern Cape is a haven for the conscious traveler, a place to tread lightly, breathe deeply and let nature take the lead."

Ami Kapilevich in Mercedes Magazine (October 2006)

"I am going to stick my neck out here and tell you that the Overberg …… has the best coastal driving in South Africa. Hands down. To your left, deeply creased green mountains. To your right an infinite sweep of sandy bays. Traffic thins, horizons widen. Distances lengthen as if the world took a deep breath …. We were spending a couple of nights at Farm 215, which is an unusual name for an unusually splendid guesthouse."

Graham Howe in the Star (December 2005)

"We headed up a farm track to a villa on a hill overlooking a lake, vineyards and the Agulhas Plains all the way to the sea. If you are looking for a remote getaway in the Cape, look no further … it is one of the most laid-back, off the beaten track sanctuaries I have stumbled across this year."

Peter Slingsby in the Cape Argus (July 2005)

"Hidden in the gentle hills and dales that fringe the great Agulhas Plain - no rugged mountains here - is a lost world of small dirt roads, rare and yet-to-be-named fynbos beauties, and historic and almost-forgotten mission stations. Here are dark-thatched farmsteads built of grey limestone blocks, white stone kraal walls that march for miles across the hills, pans filled with pink flamingoes and, on long sandy beaches, unmarked lonely graves of shipwrecked mariners. Hiking, horse-riding, biking, shark cage diving, whale watching, birding, botanical diversity, historical nuance … there is simply nowhere more varied in the whole of South Africa. The places have names like Baardskeerdersbos or Buffeljags, Hell's Kloof or Hagelkraal, Sandy's Glen or Soetanysberg … or simply Farm 215."

Barry Tyson in the Other Guide (May 2005)

"With sweet country smells, silences you can hear and air so fresh it fills your lungs with every breathe. If you want to disappear for a few days this is the place to go."

Keywords: Nature Retreat, Sustainable Tourism