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By: Fairbairn Capital  11-11-2011
Keywords: Retirement, Retirement Income

Retirement is a fact of life.

The question is: What can you do to ensure that you retire in security and comfort?

The answer is to start planning for your retirement as soon as possible. There are two primary stages to consider when developing your plan:

  • Retirement Funding: the accumulation of capital and assets to support a comfortable retirement.
  • Retirement Income: identifying the correct product and asset mix to generate a retirement income to meet your post-retirement needs.

Why plan for retirement?

Simply saving your money in a bank account is not enough because inflation will erode the buying power of your cash. You need to find a way to ensure that you expose your money to the growth potential inherent in the markets in order to secure your future financial stability.


Because planning for your retirement is key to your future security, access to the best information and practical advice is invaluable.

We therefore encourage you to contact your Old Mutual financial adviser or your broker to help you structure and maintain your personalised retirement plan.

Your adviser will conduct a regular assessment of your changing financial circumstances and help you to ensure that your investment plan remains on track to deliver in line with your personal financial goals.

Retirement Annuities

Retirement annuities are an ideal way to save for your retirement because your contributions are tax deductible - within limits - and you cannot access your capital until you retire. In addition your investment is protected from creditors should you go insolvent.

Fairbairn Capital Retirement Annuity

For investors with a
R100 000.00 lump sum to invest, the Fairbairn Capital Retirement Annuity Fund is a tax-efficient retirement funding vehicle made flexible by offering you access to a selection of unit trusts from a variety of management companies.

Investment Frontiers Retirement Capital Portfolio

If you have R5 000.00 per month to invest or a lump sum of
R100 000.00, the Investment Frontiers Retirement Capital Portfolio offers tax-efficiency combined with access to a broad range of investment options.

Preservation Funds

Preservation funds are an ideal place to park the proceeds of your employers pension or provident fund should you resign or be retrenched. Old Mutual offers an attractive selection of retirement annuities as well as two preservation funds.

Fairbairn Capital Preservation Plan

Preserve the proceeds of your employers provident/pension fund in the unit trust-linked Fairbairn Capital Preservation Plan. A lump sum of
R50 000.00 ensures that your retirement savings are exposed to potential market related growth and the benefit of diversification.

Keywords: Retirement, Retirement Income

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As a flexible, market-linked annuity, this product enables you to adapt your income on an annual basis, balancing cash needs and tax efficiency. The Old Mutual Namibia Underwritten Life Annuity allows you to structure your retirement benefit into a market-linked income for life. The Fairbairn Capital Retirement Income Plan allows you to structure your retirement benefit into a market-linked income for life.