StartMonkey 200

By: Faces Of Hope  12-08-2011

Introducing the startmonkey 200 the world’s smallest” jump-start” system for car batteries.

The startmonkey 200 can restart a standard 12 volt car battery between 15 and 20 times on a full charge thanks to its High-Energy Dynamic Polymer Battery and it is packed with high-tech safety features to give you total peace of mind.

Simple and quick to use, the startmonkey 200 easily attaches to your car battery via the crocodile clips and in8 seconds, is ready to give you a jumpstart when you need it most. Its compact design means it can be left in your glove compartment or boot until it is needed.

Thanks to its low static waste, the startmonkey 200 will still retain 75% of its charge – even after one year without use. Once used, the startmonkey 200 can be recharged using the supplied in-car charger. The startmonkey 200 can also be charged by Powertraveller’s powergorilla and solargorilla portable chargers.

The startmonkey 200 can also be used with all your in-car 12v devices such as Sat Navs using the DC outlet and the supplied cigarette lighter socket. This is also compatible with the Powertraveller motormonkey unit (available separately) providing you with power for all your digital devices.

StartMonkey dimensions:

174 x 46.5 x 49 mms

Safety Precautions:

  • Ensure the startmonkey is placed on a stable, secure location i.e. outside edge wing of car, so that is cannot fall into the engine bay.
  • Do not leave startmonkey in engine bay once the car has started.
  • Do not connect startmonkey to a 5volt or 24volt battery as this will damage the startmonkey.

Safety Features:

  • 2 output level protection features
  • cannot 100% drain itself – self-protects
  • balance charging and discharging
  • short-circuit protection
  • wrong polarity protection
  • over-charge protection
  • integrated software to control charging procedure
  • low battery warning display
  • ONLY to be used with 12volt vehicle engine batteries e.g. cars, bikes, boats, lawnmowers, etc

If startmonkey is connected to a 6v or 24v battery, it will not activate. Startmonkey interrogates the battery it is connected to and confirms that the range is between 8 – 14v, before automatically switching on.


CE, FCC, RoHS, E-Mark, Green Dot and WEEE

Do not open the device or make any attempt to disassemble or modify the device as this will invalidate the warranty/guarantee. This may also result in the risk of fire, personal injury or damage to personal property. Please refer to user guide for full operating instructions.

Please always refer to car manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to jump start your car. For some hybrid vehicles, jump starting is not recommended.

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