By: F.t.r. Fire Extinguisher Services  11-11-2011
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We have been awarded the S.A.B.S. DIAMOND MARK (1475) since June 1999 indicating the quality service carried out on our existing client base. We liase closely with the bureau and receive regular updates of developments within the industry.

The technicians in our employ undergo thorough training and are tested to ascertain if they meet with the in house and legal requirements of the trade. They are familiar with the Maintenance and Safe Working Practices guidelines and have an individual file containing their qualifications, together with their work history records detailing the level of proficiency achieved. There are continuous assessments and programmes in place for progress.

In order that the service and installations are cost effective and carried out in the minimum time, we provide the technicians with the necessary resources to carry out their work. To this end each vehicle that is sent out is so to say a Mobile Workshop. It carries all the necessary equipment. All cylinders can be serviced on site, except for HYDROSTATIC testing and the recharging of Co2 cylinders. The Co2 cylinders can only be filled at our Workshop from a Co2 tank.

Here we would try and inform you of the range of products and services offered. A list of your requirements would be noted down.

We provide a free assessment and audit of the existing fire prevention equipment installed at your premises. The observations and weaknesses detected would be recorded. This would now be analysed and collated in the prescribed format at the office and together with the recommendations would be submitted to you. This would include trying to upgrade the existing Fire Fighting Appliances to standards prescribed for the industry. Further, a quotation would be provided for supply and service of the fire equipment.

You will be given a copy of the consultants report and the contents will be discussed to apprise you of the situation and answer any queries you may have. The report will not reflect the internal status of the equipment nor defame your current service provider. This report may be submitted to your insurers, the Fire Department or factory inspectorate.

Once an authorized order has been received, you can rest assured that a fully competent and qualified Technician will be assigned the work. He will  liase closely with the person in charge at your premises and keep him informed of progress and problems encountered.

Keywords: Mobile Workshop

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