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By: Extreme Glazing  11-11-2011
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With the wide range of products available on the market, it is difficult to choose the best product without ending up with the shortest end of the rope.

Therefore Extreme Glazing gives our clients total peace of mind by making an informed decision based on common sense and proven results.

Because your second biggest investment is worth only the best!!!

The Water Test

Unprotected paint is rough and everything sticks to it, for example cloths, your hand and water. The vehicle's paint feels rough due to the external impurities on top of your vehicle's paint.

All external impurities will be removed by Extreme Glazing Paint Protection and the protection will give you that smooth and soft feeling.

With the water test we demonstrate that the water on the protected side will form beads and run off the paint. If this does not happen, your vehicle needs to be treated by Extreme Glazing Paint Protection.

The other, more simple test is your hand. Sweep with the back of your hand over the body work of the vehicle to feel the brilliant smoothness of your vehicle.

Left Protected, Right Unprotected

Extreme Glazing gives our clients a free cleaning kit to compliment the best products for maintaining the paint protection on their vehicles and without compromising for less than the best.

In the Cleaning Kit the client will find:

  • Shampoo to wash the vehicles surface
  • Leather Moisturizer used to soften and moisturize the leather to prevent cracking and peeling due to sun damage
  • Trimming and beading protection for all black rubbers on the vehicle as well as for your tyres
  • A sponge to wash your vehicle with, apply the leather moisturizer and for the trimming protection

The cleaning kit can be a good father's day, birthday or just an I Love You present!

More products are available in bigger quantities.

The non wax shampoo will give your vehicle that mirror finish look after you have washed your vehicle, without polishing your vehicle. This is a concentrated, thick shampoo and you only need to use 25 to 30ml to wash your vehicle clean.

The shampoo is value for money and you can wash your vehicle at least 40 times with one litre.

Note: Shampoo with polishes and waxes cause build ups on the vehicles paint and over time discolouring will form on your vehicles paint.

The leather in your vehicle is froma dead cow and therefore can not produce its own oils to protect itself against cracking and peeling. For this reason you have to apply a moisturizer onto the leather to soften and increase its flexibility.

It is recommend that you apply more regularly on the driver seat where there is more tension, especially on the shoulder and bottom part closest to the door. Apply moisturizing cream at least once a month to all the seats.

The Leather moisturizer can be used on vinyl, PVC and Leather

The black trimming and beadings get attacked just as much by the sun as your paint, therefore the you need to protect your vehicles black trimming and prevent it from turning white.

The protection should be applied to your vehicle at least once a month, to maintain the solid black colour of your trimmings.

When you wash your vehicle, it is important to first rinse all the dust off your vehicles paint and then wash your vehicle with a sponge. The dust forms a mud paste with the water and this can damage your vehicle's paint.

The sponge has pores to absorb the dirt and release it into the water. The dirt is not stuck to the surface and this decreases the chance of scratching your own vehicle.

Cloths and Chamois can form swirl marks due to the dirt that gets stuck to the surface and with the hand movement of washing the car, YOU SCRATCH YOUR OWN CAR!!!

Use a good chamois to dry your vehicle after washing with a sponge. The easiest way is to throw the chamois in a square on the vehicle and pull it back to you. Dry it out often to increase efficiency.

Always store your chamois clean and damp in its holder for a longer lifespan.

Extreme Glazing is proud of their workmanship, quality of product and very high standards. However, we believe there is always room for improvement. If you have any suggestions regarding our products and service please contact us .

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