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By: Execz Executive Placements  11-11-2011
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About our Recruitment Services

Company Profile

Execz Executive Placements, a division of . (Holding Company) was established in 2005.  The company’s mission is to develop above average human capital within organisations nationally as well as globally by constantly applying best practice in the recruiting process. Lorrenmor’s executive recruiting business trades in South Africa as Execz Executive Placements and recruits candidates for large corporations in Africa,  Middle East, the United States and South Africa. 
Besides providing the best talent to organisations, Execz also specialises in Human Resource Solutions such as Pay Roll and legal documentation. We provide services in Labour Consultation and Industrial Relations.
The company’s vision is to become South Africa’s most sought-after one-stop labour solutions agency and preferred recruiter for top companies.  We believe employees are a company’s most valuable internal asset and regard it as important to ensure that a new incumbent will compliment the existing culture and structures within an organisation.   
Our expert recruiters can assist organisations to acquire the best talent they need to remain at the forefront.  At Execz we take great care to ensure that job profiles are perfectly matched.    We do substantial research into each candidate’s abilities and conduct scientific competency-based interviews (CBI) with each candidate before introduction. 
Execz has a number of highly qualified executive candidates on its books who can be placed with South Africa's leading companies.

We recruit suitable candidates for, and not limited to, the following industries and fields:

(View a of professions, sectors and industries by

  • Corporate Executives & CEOs

  • Education and Training

  • Financial Services & Banking

  • Insurance Industry (Life and Short-term)

  • Gaming Industry

  • Leisure Industry

  • Contact Centre Industry

  • Technical 

  • Engineering

  • Accountancy

  • Mining

  • Transport Industy

  • IT

  • Communication

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Secretarial

  • Au Pair

  • Construction, Building, Roads & Civils

  • Science Fields

  • Professional Services

  • Legal

  • Trades

  • HR

  • PR

  • Security Industry

  • Medical

  • Media 

  • Others


Integrity Checks / Services

Execz provides full Integrity checks on candidates where required. Some elements of these services are free to our clients. Please enquire by contacting Bernu van Zyl on    011 764 5373.

Integrity Services include: 

  • Criminal Screening

  • ITC Screening

  • Citizenship Verification

  • Identity Verification

  • Education Verification

  • Character and Work Referencing


Temporary Staff

Service Terms and Conditions in the placing Temporary Employees:

Execz provides an employee or employees of Execz for a temporary period to a client for the purposes of performing duties on behalf and for the benefit of the client

A contract between Execz and a client governs the relationship between the two parties for every assignment for which the client requests a temporary employee or employees of Execz.

The employees of Execz are, and will remain employees of Execz until the contract is terminated.

Execz will select employees to provide the services to the client who Execz warrants are suitably qualified for performing the services required.

The services required of the employees are those which do not relate to the core function of the client or are services which require a fluctuating number of employees.

Contact Cindy Saayman on +27 (011) 764 5373 or e-mail her on for more information or to obtain a temporary employee.

Labour solutions during strikes

Execz Executive Placements is able to provide temporary staff to fill temporary positions during strikes. 

The following staff can be placed at short notice:

1.        Cashiers

2.        Cashier packers (Cashier counter packers)

3.        Drivers (Code 8, Code 10 and Code 14)

4.        Labourers

5.        Other

Disability Recruitment

We are delighted to advise our clients about Execz Executive Placements’ Disability Recruitment Services.

Our agency’s Disability Recruitment Solution is equitable and protects both the employer and the candidate from discriminatory practices. 

Execz has a large database of candidates for Disability Recruitment into either full time positions or into learnerships.

Our Disability Recruitment service assist employers’ in meeting their disability equity needs.

We invite our clients and prospective clients to contact us to discuss their disability recruitment needs.


Recruitment outsourcing

Human Resources and Labour Relations, Industrial Relations Solutions Outsourcing

Full Human Resources Outsourcing such as:

  • Medical Aid Administration

  • Provident Fund Administration

  • UIF


  • Life Insurance and Deduction Administration

  • Full Pay Roll Administration

  • Hiring and dismissals /Exiting Procedures.


Disciplinary Hearings

We independently chair disciplinary hearings. We guide the process for procedurally fair and unbiased hearings which includes aggravation and mitigation. We also specialize in appeal hearings. We are prepared to operate anywhere in South Africa.

Grievance Procedures

As consultants, we chair, conduct and facilitate grievance procedures, both individual and collective.


Execz Labour Consultants can assist in any retrenchment process. We facilitate large scale retrenchments in terms of section 189 A of the LRA or we can assist the small retrenchment process in terms of section 189.

Medical aid advice

We offer advice on medical aid issues and schemes.

Pension fund advice

Our services  include advice on pension fund related issues.

Mergers and acquisitions

As Labour Consultants can facilitate the process of section 197 in terms of the LRA.


As Industrial Relations Consultants we assist companies with wage negotiations or any negotiations on interest-based requirements.


What is High Performer Hiring?

High Performer Hiring (HPH) is a uniquely developed screening, interviewing and reporting model developed by Execz Executive Placements for the recruitment of Middle, Senior management employees  and  Executives,  including CEOs of medium to large companies

What does HPH entail?

Execz believes that all interviews, even a CBI, can be manipulated to a certain extend that can lead to miss-hires in companies.  Miss-hires are very expensive. Informed researchers based in the United States are of the opinion that a conservative estimate of the cost incurred when a miss-hire happen can be as much as 15 times the salary of the incumbent.

The alarming fact is that top companies in South Africa say that 80% of the people they hire can turn out as disappointments.


The answer lies in the hiring process.  General recruitment companies, even executive search companies used by at least 200 top international companies say that in their experience a mere 21 out of every 100 people (21%) they hire are high performers. 

The fact is, unfortunately, that a company is only as good as its best employees.    If companies are able to recruit high performers, these high performers will only hire other high performers. If a company has mediocre employees, these mediocre employees will only hire mediocre employees.

We all know that in large companies emphasis on the hiring process in the South African environment is to obtain the skill, which in itself can be scarse.   Does the scarcity of the right skills in South Africa limits a company’s ability to implement Topgrading? At Execz we believe that yes,  to a certain extend and especially true in highly specialised fields, such as Investment Banking, engineering and the Scientific Medical research fields. The top talent has either left the country or had become entrepreneurs in their own rights.  They are indeed difficult to find in the first place and how can we conduct HPH on perhaps one candidate only?  HPH isn’t only a screening process. In most cases it can assist in identifying the factors and behaviours that prevents a very talented individual to reach his/her potential and to become an A-player. A combination of EQ-discussions, Life Coaching and personal development programmes can assist the employee to rise above others.

But this all said, there are other fields Execz believes can be addressed using a combination of CBI and Topgrading, especially in middle management. In our minds business change is happening globally and companies employing best practice in the hiring process will in fact be the only ones that will grow succeed and become the top listed entities of the future.  Companies with another culture and that reckons that its ok to only have 10% of the total workforce as high performers (A-players) 80 % adequate performers (B-Players) and 10%  underperformers – will not survive the challenges of the future, why?   This practice actually means that it’s ok to have 90% of your employees (work force) to be mediocre. 

So how can HPH play a role to disqualify B-C players and get the right A-players into the organisation?

There are a few factors at play. Among these are of course the HPH interview; then there is the screening process involving background checks especially focussing on past behaviours.  HR Scientists agree that past behaviour = future behaviour. The HPH background checks not only involve the candidate’s references. HPH involves researching further and much deeply into past behaviours.  The key is to look for the high performing behaviours and qualities in the person.  This underpinned with a few Psychometric tests including appropriate emphasis on EQ – will paint a very good picture, revealing the issues that needs to be considered.  Benchmarking with other available candidates on the shortlist is made to see how the one measures up to the other. The final decision remains with the employer after all the facts have been reported.  Execz will make recommendations based on its  findings but will never be prescriptive. No process, not even the Topgrading process is a 100% guarantee against a miss-hire. Similarly, the HPH process cannot guarantee 100%, however,  accuracy should be in the upper 90 percentile.

High Performers and their impact on the bottom –line

Research conducted by Illinois-based company, indicates that High Performers in an organisation can increase revenue by as much as 20% on the bottom line of large companies and corporates.

Training Solutions

1.    Disciplinary Hearing Course  

This course embraces the detailed process of a disciplinary hearing from transgression to sanction/verdict .It is predominantly designed for managers, HR practitioners and company owners. It is a comprehensive and in depth study of the entire process and lasts two days.

2.     Initiators course  

This course is designed for small business owners who need to present the facts at a hearing but prefer to contract in an outside or independent chairperson. There is a skill to initiating a hearing and often a case is lost on presentation. This course assists the owner/manager to prepare the case thoroughly. It lasts one day.

Course for employers of Domestic Workers

This course will enable the average employers of domestic workers to put all the appropriate measures in place, such as UIF, employment contract, minimum wages, leave, sick leave , pay slips, etc. It will assist the employer to work within the ambit of the law and protect both employer and employee from most administrative employment pitfalls. Course runs 4-5 hours.

Body Corporate Trustees Course

This course embraces the essential elements of being a trustee on a body corporate. It explains the fiduciary duties in detail and deals with the prerequisites in terms of the Sectional Title Act, the focus on good governance and the repercussions of non-compliance. This is an essential course for all trustees of complexes. Course runs for 4-5 hours.

Corporate philosophy

Execz subscribes to the highest ethical business practice. Our businesses are high performing entities driven by centres of excellence. We pride ourselves on our service delivery. Our clients and customers are our most valuable stakeholders.

Our Company’s vision is to become a respected and leading global player in business. Lorrenmor wishes to be counted among the world’s best with regard to professionalism, ethics and integrity.

The company’s mission is to be a Centre of Excellence nationally as well as globally by constantly applying global best practise that will enable our clients to reach their strategic goals.

  Our company’s 8 Values:  

The figure 8 refers to infinity and thus our values are aimed at sustainability:

 - To always value our most important internal asset, our employees;

- To maintain the highest levels of integrity and ethics in our business;

- To always keep our promises;

- To always exceed the needs of our most valuable asset, our clients;

- To be honest and transparent to our clients

- To take full responsibility for our actions;

- To assume leadership in everything we do;

- And to keep confidential our business matters, the business of our clients, and that of our business associates.

Our Value System is underpinned by our three core employee behaviours known as the four Cs;

1.  Be Courageous

2.  Be Competitive

3.  Be Consistent

3. And above all, be Caring


The company constantly searches for new business ventures to build on its diversified business portfolio. The owner of Lorrenmor (Pty) Ltd (Holding Company for Execz) is open to suggestions for investors who wish to join the company from both an executive and non-executive capacity especially from an offshore perspective. The company, registered to conduct any type of business, is willing to discuss offers and joint ventures.


Our company successfully concluded a BB-BEE transaction on 11 January 2011 that saw a 26% ownership stake being transferred to a black entrepreneur and business. We are currently rated as a BB-BEE (EME) level 4 with a 100% recognition level.

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