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By: Exec-q-tyre  11-11-2011
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Are you ready for the new run flat tyre technology? We are!

You can only be truly ready with CORGHI Artiglio Master:

  • No tyre lever needed!
  • No contact with the rim! No more rim damage
  • No excessive stress on the bead!
  • Simultaneous breaking of the bead on both sides
  • Handles wheels with rim diameter 10" to 24"
  • 5 international patents; ISO certified

Artiglio Master is designed to mark a new frontier in the world of tyre changers. Probably only Corghi could have developed a product capable of superseding the traditional tyre changer, invented in the fifties and even today the characteristic product of a brand and an entire sector of professional users.

Artiglio Master marks the end of the lever, of physical effort, precautions and worry for light rims, dangerous stresses on the tyre itself and the problems associated with the continual development of new types of rim. The unit''s extreme ease of use enables anyone to mount, demount and break the bead of any type of tyre from 10 to 24".

The unit's operation is based in a completely new principle: electronic wheel diameter selection with automatic tool positioning, wheel lifter for loading and unloading the wheel in the optimal position, bead breaker with controlled penetration and automatic actuation, automatic tool head for leverless wheel mounting/demounting; all this without the need for the operator to leave his station, since all controls are mounted in a single ergonomic console for completely safe operation. The result: speed, precision and safety.

Keywords: Wheel