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By: European Datacomm  11-11-2011
Keywords: Mobile Phone, Tracking System, Electronic Surveillance

EDC SMART is a new telematic localisation system, designed to track vehicles and other mobile objects that use a GPS / mobile phone module.

The EDC SMART product line sets a new standard in the field of GEO control for vehicles and other objects. This product family is based on a modular, programmable concept, making it adaptable to suit many different requirements and the customer's profile. It caters for individual needs, such as those of a leasing company, an insurance company or car fleet manager, and indeed private individuals.

EDC Smart Secure

Your car in good hands
  • Maximum anti-theft protection.
  • Exceptionally simple and user friendly.
  • Connected to an electronic surveillance centre approved by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Intelligent automatic control and protection device against unauthorised vehicle movement.
  • Service Mode to prevent false alarms. 
  • An all-in subscription, including 24-hour electronic surveillance service and mobile phone communications; Europe-wide coverage.
  • Discreet, user friendly system; does not interfere with normal operation of the vehicle. 
  • Precise localisation through highly detailed mapping. 
  • Systems are automatically tested from time to time for correct functioning.

Certified Systems

EDC SMART Secure, the most appreciated After-Theft Tracking system by the insurance brokers and their clients.
ACA Luxemburg LU 0909/45 LU 0909/46 LU 0909/47
SCM/TNO The Netherlands TT-030903   TT-030903
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Keywords: Electronic Surveillance, Mobile Phone, Surveillance Service, Tracking System

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A door sensor which detects the opening and closing of the container door and a light sensor which detects intrusion from the back side. GPRS is a cell phone based protocol while Iridium uses several satellites as communication medium. Temperature and humidity is standard implemented inside the device and can be monitored. As security layer for breach detection two different sensor are implemented.


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All of EDC's tracking & tracing modules can profit from 24-hour incident monitoring by qualified and specialised alarm monitoring services to guarantee the constant and predictable service continuity which is of paramount importance to swiftly recover a stolen car. Some insurance companies will offer discounts when a tracking system is installed or on some high value cars they will demand an ‘approved’ tracking system.


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Should the composition of the kit be altered after installation, we would ask you kindly to amend the marking on the identification label of the Assuralia approval number. Viasat EASY is available as three different kits, researched specially to meet the needs of every customer, and guaranteed by approval from insurance companies.


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