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By: Europac  11-11-2011
Keywords: Packaging, Converter

The compact FillPak TT to void fill with speed and cost efficiency FillPak TT converts 15 inch kraft paper into a PaperStar configuration, for fast, effecient top and side void fill.

Put a TT at each of your packing stations to maintain maximum efficiency in packing, while minimizing material cost and usage.

The unique converter design allows the operator to easily use and load the converter to provide minimum packing time and maximum throughput.
Easy to adapt to the packing enviroment as the TT can be converted into a battery operated unit when electric outlets are not available.

The advantages of using FillPak

FillPak is a patented fan-fold converter system and represents the culmination of years of research into how to most effectively fill a void. The FillPak system converts kraft paper into a PaperStar output configuration and is the most efficient way to fill an empty space within a cardboard box. Everything from the shape of the PaperStar, to the height of the machine, to it’s speed and operation, has been designed to maximize throughput and minimize cost in high speed void-fill packaging operation. Packaging, material is generated right on your factory floor.

FillPak is designed for the high speed, high volume user requiring top and side void-fill. The FillPak system benefits include:

Cost Effective Packaging - Single-ply fan-fold designed exclusively for void-fill applications.
Increase Productivity - Enough packaging material to support an entire shift without any down time.
Custom Engineered solutions - Integration over existing pack stations and conveyor lines.
Save Storage Space - One pallet of fanfold paper will generate 3,000 cubic feet of packaging material.
Environmentally Friendly Packaging - 100% biodegrdable, recyclable, and renewable.

Keywords: Converter, Packaging