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By: Europ Assistance  11-11-2011

Human Resource Outsourcing

Labour Assist provides a comprehensive Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Labour Law and Payroll Administration outsource service to SMMEs. There are various avenues of intervention, which are provided by Labour Assist to clients.

ID Assist

ID Assist is a 24 hour telephonic advice line manned by qualified and admitted attorneys, which offers preventative and remedial measures when identity fraud, loss or theft is experienced. When identity loss or theft is experienced, ID Assist primarily assists you to prevent any identity information or document from being used illegally. The support line puts you in touch with relevant institutions or companies to block or stop cards or contracts. In addition, it facilitate replacement of ID and related documentation such as drivers license etc. The product now includes a replacement as well as disbursement cover.

Industrial Relations Services

This business solution is specifically designed to take the pain out of labour for small to medium businesses. By outsourcing this function, it allows the employer to focus on core business issues. 
  • As an entry point, our team of specialists will conduct a labour audit of the company’s existing IR policies, systems, procedures and contracts.
  • Through the audit we will be able to identify areas where intervention is necessary, i.e. areas where the company is not complying with current labour legislation.
  • We will then assist by putting the necessary plans, policies, systems, procedures and documentation required by law, in place.
  • We will assist with, and handle employee relations issues e.g. disciplinaries, grievances, policies and procedures.
  • We will also assist by providing IR training for supervisors and line managers, in order to ensure that there is consistency throughout the company.
  • Furthermore, we will assist line managers with poor performance related counselling, coaching and disciplinary action.
  • Labour Assist can provide assistance with the chairing of disciplinary hearings and appeal hearings, at the employers’ workplace.
  • We can advise and represent the employer at the CCMA, Labour Court and Bargaining Council, in the event of disputes being referred to these bodies.
  • We will also provide assistance with all union interaction and negotiations, i.e. strike negotiations and handling, as well as wage and other trade union negotiations.
  • We can assist with mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and retrenchments.
  • We provide 24/7/365 telephonic access to legal and labour law advice.

Labour Law Outsourcing

Our team of admitted attorneys is available to either consult with clients telephonically, or to arrange one-on-one consultations on any Labour Law or Labour Relations problems that arise within the company.

Legal Assist

A telephonic advice line manned by qualified and experienced in-house attorneys who will provide guidance and information on all legal matters, 24-hours a day. Standard documentation such as a will and testament, letter of demand, domestic worker agreement etc. has been developed to satisfy routine legal needs without the intervention of a practising attorney and the accompanying costs. Documents also include a "Claiming maintenance" and "Small claims court kit". A panel of practising attorneys is also available who will provide the client with a free initial 30 minute consultation, should this be considered necessary. If required, the practising attorney will also draft one letter or make one telephone call to a third party.

Legal Cost Insurance (SA Eagle Legal Plan & Legally Yours)

Both the SA Eagle Legal Plan (underwritten by SA Eagle Legal Expenses Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd), and the Legally Yours (underwritten by Santam Insurance) products are administered by Europ Assistance. These are insurance plans that indemnifies the policyholder and his/her family against legal expenses and provides professional advice and assistance on legal matters. These products are available on an individual or compulsory basis and premiums range from R15.00 - R70.00 per month.

Payroll Outsourcing

An electronic payroll system, administered by the Labour Assist division, allows you as an employer to focus on your core business, and leave this function to specialists. The service includes:

  • Advice on total cost to company concepts and relevant remuneration
  • Customised reporting and payslip layout.
  • Monthly administration of payroll, electronic salary transfers, and up to date leave records and leave provision.

Tax & Financial Assist

An advice line manned by tax and financial advisors who provide guidance and information on all taxation and finance-related matters. The line operates during normal working hours and is manned by qualified and experienced experts.

WiseCall CrimeLine in Partnership with Europ Assistance South Africa

What is the CrimeLine?
CrimeLine is an employee-friendly toll-free crime reporting line – which enables and encourages your employees to contribute to reporting and preventing planned or existing internal fraud or theft. It is a superlative management tool with which to offer employees the opportunity to report, and indirectly right, wrongdoing within their company. 

CrimeLine is staffed by a complement of specialised and multilingual advisors (minimum qualification: Law degree), ready to respond to and deal with calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It operates totally independently of your company – ensuring objectivity, impartiality and absolute fairness. Furthermore, all information is strictly confidential and the caller is assured of his or her complete anonymity at all times (Protected Disclosures Act – South Africa).

Corporate Governance
The following resulted in the necessity of this service:
  • In 1994 the King Report on Corporate Governance (King I) was published by the King Committee on Corporate Governance, headed by former High Court Judge, Mervyn King S.C. The King I report, incorporating a Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct, which was the first of its kind in the country and was aimed at promoting the highest standards of Corporate Governance in South Africa.
  • Due to the evolving global economic environment and recent legislative developments, the King Committee on Corporate Governance further developed the King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa in 2002 (King II).
  • The committee identified various risks to address which also included the risks of fraud / theft at the workplace.
  • The committee suggested that the employees should have the ability to report any such irregularities, this should be introduced by management. [extract from the report: “…the company should also consider the need for a confidential reporting process (whistle-blowing) covering fraud and other risks…”]
  • This resulted in various companies introducing such reporting structures which proved to be successful, but unfortunately lead to extreme cases of victimisation of the individuals who had the courage to report such a matters.

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The benefit also includes assistance with settling medical bills, evacuation to appropriate medical facilities, return of mortal remains to the country of origin and all the legal logistics that go with transporting the ill, injured or deceased across borders.