Stone-Ground Wholemeal Flour : Brown Bread Flour : Crushed Rye Flour : Cake Flour

By: Eureka Mills  11-11-2011
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Eureka Meulens produce white bread flour, brown bread flour, cake flour, wholemeal flour, crushed rye and rye flour in 2.5 kg and 12.5 kg packaging which are marketed and distributed under the name: “Eureka Meulens Premium Stone Ground”. These products possess definite unique qualities, distinguishing it from alternative and competing products.

Currently Eureka Meulens distributes its unique range of products across the entire Southern and Western Cape and Gauteng.

Wheat products

  • Unbleached bread flour (White bread flour)
    Eureka unbleached bread flour enables a rise for all yeast breads and gives whole-grain breads a welcome boost. Our flour has a protein content of around 11%. Use our unbleached bread flour in all your yeasted baked goods – bread, pizza and more for an strong rise. It’s perfect for bread machines recipes and when you’re making rye or other whole-grain breads that need a little help rising.
  • Brown bread flour
    Eureka brown bread flour are just unbleached bread flour with a percentage of bran added.
  • Unbleached cake flour
    Eureka unbleached cake flour, bakes a tender, moist cake with a high rise and medium-fine crumb. The best part, there are no unwanted chemicals or bleaches.
  • Wholemeal flour
    Eureka whole meal flour has all the fiber , nutrition flavor, and texture of the bran and germ in everything you bake with it, and the perfect way to sneak good whole grains into your families diet.
  • Crushed wheat

Rye products

All of Eureka’s Rye product are 100% Rye and are not blended with wheat flour. The rye flour has a protein content of around 10% Rye flour has a lower gluten content than wheat flour, and contains a higher proportion of soluble fiber, which is sometimes called roughage, is the indigestible portion of plant foods that pushes food through the digestive system, absorbing water and easing defecation.

  • 100% Pure rye flour
  • Whole meal rye
  • Crushed rye

Keywords: Flour, Premium Stone