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By: Etech  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security, Internet Access

The E-Connect Solution was developed as a cost effective solution for corporate clients to connect to the Internet (World Wide Web). This solution is based on open source technology, which has been powering the majority of the Internet servers since its inception.
With ongoing development this solution caters for 90% of online solutions. The solution moves online services (e-mail), traditionally hosted by the ISP, to your local area network to improve efficiency in data flow. This solution recognizes the difference between local and internet data traffic (local e-mail stays local).
We make use of web caching to increase the speed of web site browsing. This limits the amount of requests necessary to download the requested web site. Internet Access Management gives Management the capability to stop staff accessing web sites or to allow access to certain web sites. Firewalling is incorporated into this solution to ensure the safety of data on the local area network.
File sharing enables each user to access shared files on the server according to their user rights. This will effectively allow users to access shared data on the local area network. DNS and DHCP can be incorporated into the solution to allow for the efficient and stable management of the local area network.

With the advent of the Internet, Viruses and Spam (junk e-mail) have become a serious threat to IT Infrastructures across the globe, therefore to protect your data, Anti-virus/Spam solutions have been incorporated into the E-Connect Solution.
This solution can be constructed using any combination of these services, making it a customisable solution.

  • Local & Outbound e-mail
  • Web Caching
  • Internet Access Management
  • Fire walling
  • File Sharing
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-Spam

In addition to supplying the customer with an e-mail address on Etech ISP Net mail servers using your domain (user@ or a user at , we supply online web mail facility which can be accessed from any PC connected to the internet across the globe.

The World Wide Web has long been considered the focal point of a very successful internet strategy. Organizations are, however, increasingly recognizing the necessity of electronic communication to efficiently reach their goals. The ability to interact and communicate with different audiences - such as customers, employees, partners and suppliers - via e-mail, quickly and easily, is now just as vital for an organization's success. E-Mail lists enable fast, global and economical group delivery of large numbers of e-mail messages for a fraction of the cost that other communication channels require. This solution is easily configured and can be maintained by the owner of the list.

As telephony is becoming incorporated into IT Infrastructures Etech ISP Net provide technology enabling corporate companies to make use of a traditional PABX system, with additional features such as call centres, voice messaging and mobile hand sets. This solution is very easy to manage through a web interface which allows administrators to change settings, the most common of which is adding, moving and changing of extensions. This solution also caters for the frequent traveler with a VoIP phone connected to his/her notebook. This way the user can make and receive calls any ware in the world, keeping in mind the bandwidth restrictions.

This solution is based on a VSAT solution. As this solution is satellite based it does not require traditional land line technology to make connectivity to the Internet. This solution is ideal for remote locations or as a backup solution as it is based on broadband technology. This solution supports data, voice, fax, video and multimedia applications simultaneously, at a fixed monthly cost depending on the solution requested.

The Internet provides those connected to it an unprecedented amount of information at one location. The information available on the Internet is seemingly limitless in quantity and variety and this lack of boundaries is possible because anyone can post anything on the World Wide Web. Gambling & Porn Blocker keeps track and checks the content of every web page a user accesses through an Internet browser. This solution would provide Management the ability to ensure that staff does not expose the workplace to unsavoury and potentially hazardous Internet content.

Businesses are faced with challenges that hackers, viruses and blended threats pose to their local area networks. Our engineers have developed an open source statefull packet filter that filters traffic inbound and outbound. This firewall solution blocks all incoming and outgoing traffic that are unauthorized or that don't meet specified security criteria. It is also mindful to remember that security needs to be kept up to date as hackers are continuously looking for weaknesses within firewall security.

Etech ISP Net is a supplier of:

  • Intel
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Acer

Keywords: Internet Access, Security