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By: Escm  11-11-2011
Keywords: Supply Chain

Who are we?

ESCM has a network of associates with long term experience of Operations; Manufacturing; Service Industry; Supply Chain Management; and Logistics

Our approach is based on many years of experience and learning from previous challenges. We believe that most business challenges can be solved effectively with the application of the right people, skill level, and an appropriate action plan in place. We are relatively hands-on and implementation-oriented rather than those who merely provide analysis and recommendations – although we fulfil those roles, too. We are focussed on the end results for your business, rather than on theory or academic processes. We have a keen sense of urgency, and are well aware of the importance of responding quickly and delivering to your time scales and deadlines.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality
  • Objectivity
  • Affordability
  • Professionalism

Our vision

To be a leading provider of innovative service, manufacturing, industrial improvement and business process solutions.

What we offer

  • Results-linked remuneration welcomed
  • 1-2 assessment days free (by experienced facilitators)
  • If we are not able to offer value, then we will tell you
  • Service: Speed, accuracy and respect for you and your business
  • Provide the right solutions, rapidly, delivering good value for money.
  • Coaching and mentoring personnel
  • Engagements from as short a period of 1 week
  • Free technical and business reading material (Presentations, DVD’s)
  • Affordability: We keep our costs as low as possible without compromising service and results
  • Problem solving: We make it our business to uncover the root cause or source of the problem to ensure that you obtain the right result.
  • A specific set of skills or experience on a temporary basis
  • Supplement and strengthen a team
  • Execute or accelerate a project
  • Replace a key manager who has departed abruptly
  • Build up a new business, division or team

Who we are not

  • We are not a "jack-of-all-trades” Solutions Provider employing kamikaze tactics in yielding instant results.
  • We do not window dress to impress organisations or their suppliers and/or customers.
  • We do not merely provide analysis and recommendations, but we walk the talk.
  • We are not a “one size fits all” change facilitator.

What we are really good at

Change Management / Facilitators

( Getting the Right Things Done , Managing a Lean Transformation and Breaking Through to Flow)

Lean Management

  • We work with organisations of various types at different stages of their lean transformation
  • Developing Lean in Healthcare
  • Leaning Sales and Service
  • Creating Flow in Batch Production
  • Creating Lean supply Chains
  • Developing Lean Solutions for the Consumer
  • Managing and Sustaining Lean Thinking 

Problem Solving

Understanding the need for using a structured process for solving problems, making decisions and implementing good solutions.

Focused Improvement

  • Things that work as expected and please customers
  • Doing things right, especially the first time, avoid waste, rework and the consequences of disappointment
  • Understanding the need to be competitive; deliver on time and in full; delight your customers

Getting Results:

  • Inside your organisation to deliver or implement a key, yet labour-intensive management task, such as opening a new factory, integrating an acquisition, closing a facility, launching a product, installing a new system.
  • Take on an advisory project, working with your staff to gather information, preparing conclusions and recommendations, then staying on to help with implementation.
  • Work alongside an employee or internal team who are being asked to produce a new initiative, providing coaching, insight, and an extra pair of hands.

Change Management:

Change is not about “Do a good job and we'll make you comfortable!

Change is about being uncomfortable with an unsatisfactory situation. Smoothly manage the introduction of business changes

  • Identify new ways of improving business performance
  • Deliver improvements such as cost reduction, waste elimination, better throughput, accelerated R&D and supply-chain streamlining in often tight timeframes
  • Aggressive, forward thinking and entrepreneurial management is the silver bullet for companies who desire to create a permanent environment of continuous change. Achieving the desired results will require real sacrifice, but the rewards are plain and simple.

Lean Management:

  • Delivering exactly what customers want without problems, delays, hassles, errors and fire-fighting. It frees up the capacity to deliver more value from existing resources with few additional costs
  • See your organization as a collection of horizontal processes or value streams
  • Developing new ways of working together and sharing information more readily and freely

Problem solving:

How to initiate a 7-Step “PDCA” cycle of problem solving steps.

Establishing an effective team quickly and methods for collecting different types of data, including effective interviewing skills

  • How and when to apply causal factor and root cause analysis for investigating process and non-process incidents
  • Filling data gaps using fault tree logic
  • “5-Whys” technique for finding root causes
  • PII’s Root Cause Chart™ for categorizing root causes

What we focus on

  • Re-structuring of the production process to improve flow
  • Re-organisation of the shop floor layout
  • Reduction of inventories / improving materials flow / warehousing
  • Enhancing quality product deliverables
  • Streamline Service operations
  • Reduction of ‘waste’ and rework
  • Process improvement implementations
  • Effective approaches to machine maintenance and uptime
  • ISO Implementation ISO 9000; Quality Management System; Safety and Environmental compliance (OHSAS 18001; SANS 14001)
  • BB-BEE Facilitation (Scorecards, Work place skills plan, Training etc)
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Keywords: Supply Chain