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By: Ernic Software  11-11-2011
Keywords: Software Products, Task Automation

What Is Optitask?

Optitask is a powerful but simple task automation solution for the enterprise.Instead of writing and testing scipts or compiled programs to perform tasks, you use a GUI based interface to easily and quickly construct tasks that run when you need them. Optitask replaces many single-purpose software products and utility programs with one consistent and easy to use solution.

What Can Optitask Do?

It's easier to describe what Optitask doesn't do. Optitask automates all of these types of actions for you:
  • File operations: read/write, delete, wait on file, set attributes, built in directory synchronization
  • Data access from SQL Server or MySql, or any database via OleDB and ODBC
  • Windows system operations: map drives, start/stop/wait on programs or Windows services, register or remove COM servers, edit system registry, system shut down, write event log
  • Archiving: Zip and unzip
  • SOAP web service access
  • Excel access: read and write Excel natively
  • Task control: control other Optitask tasks
  • XML operations: manipulate XML files, including read and write DOM operations, validate XML, and transfer between XML and in-memory datasets
  • VB.Net scripting when you need it (ideal if you have existing VB.NET that needs to be migrated to Optitask.)
  • .Net assemblies: execute directly from Optitask.


Management Console 

When Does Optitask Do It?

Optitask has flexible triggers, which allow individual tasks to be scheduled precisely:

  • Scheduled by day and time of day, with flexible intervals (weekly, daily, etc)
  • Change in event log (execute when event log is written)
  • Trigger on program execution start or stop
  • Trigger on file or attribute change
  • Trigger when a network host or devices becomes unavailable

Optitask Benefits

  • Powerful simplicity. You can use only the features of Optitask that you prefer. When you need to do advanced automation, such as triggering .Net assembles or integrating a batch procedure with a database, Optitask will be ready when you are.
  • Enterprise ready. Optitask can be deployed across multiple Windows servers and workstations in your business and can be controlled remotely from the Optitask Management Console.
  • Solve Problems Quickly and Look Better for it. Optitask makes you look like the hero that you are! Its unique no-programming approach to automation permits you to whip up and test solutions at blinding speed.

Keywords: Software Products, Task Automation