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By: Epilepsy South Africa  11-11-2011

Emfit Nocturnal Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor

For Home or Hospital Use

Emfit seizure monitor has proven it's usefulness over 5 years and with thousands of units sold world wide. This unit is now available for the first time in South Africa through AP Medical Devices.

Its intended use is for monitoring a sleeping person who has risk of tonic-clonic seizures. It is the first alarm that detects and distinguishes strong muscle jerkings such as tonic-clonic seizures from normal movements, but also presence and absence of micro-movements caused by person's breathing and heart beating. So not only does it give notification to the caregiver when the person has the clonic phase of a tonic-clonic seizure, but also when the person leaves the bed (this feature can be disabled).

Based on Unique, Proprietary Technology

Emfit Nocturnal Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor consists of two main components.  The first being the ultra thin and flexible but highly durable bed sensor (L-4060SL) which is placed under the mattress.  The second component is the bedside monitor (D-1090-2G) with sophisticated embedded software and electronics. Together they detect the micro-movements of a person lying on the bed - even heart beating and breathing, and the faster movements such as muscle jerkings when the person has a tonic-clonic seizure. There is no particular weight limits and the system is sensitive enough also for small children.

When movements on the bed are faster than normal movements like turning, the monitor detects this as clonic-phase of tonic-clonic epileptic seizure. The notification triggers if the faster movements continue longer than the preset delay. The delay can be set to 10, 13, 16 or 20 seconds.

In the summer 2008 released 2nd generation monitor the software allows the movements lower frequency threshold to be set to 3 Hz or 2 Hz. It is commonly known that with many epileptic seizures heart rate rises higher than normally in rest. With the lower 2 Hz setting it may be possible that the sudden rise in heart rate could be notified and the monitor could possibly give notification of that alone. We have some users' feedback of this but it has not been clinically evaluated yet. 2 Hz reflects to movements 120 times per minute i.e. with that setting enabled it may be possible to notice if heart beat goes up to 120 beats or more.

A connecting wire is attached from the sensor to the control unit. The control unit can be placed next to the bed or on the wall using the included fastening bracket. The summer 2008 released 2nd generation monitor is now operated with 2 pcs AA size 1,5 V batteries. An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

The monitor has an audible alarm with adjustable volume and a dry-contact output for connection to a wireless transmitter, nurse call system or carephone. The Emfit Nocturnal Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor is a Class 1 Medical Device. It has been tested and certified to meet medical device electrical safety standard IEC 60601-1 and carry CE mark accordingly.

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