Our Services

By: Eohcb  11-11-2011

H E L P L I N E :
For FREE advice and assistance on the following:

Labour Matters:

  • Letters of Appointment & Contracts of Employment
  • Restraint of Trade Agreements
  • Applying the Collective Agreement e.g. conditions of employment,
  • Leave pay, retrenchment packages etc.
  • Staff meetings
  • Company Policies & Procedures
  • Disciplinary Codes & Procedures – Notifications of Hearings
  • Internal Disciplinary Hearings – supply of Chairperson – FREE
  • Operational Requirements / Retrenchment
  • Representation at Conciliation & Arbitration

Social Benefits:

  • Provident/Pension Fund & Sick Pay Fund

Industry Interaction:

Hairdressing & Beauty Competitions:

  • (EOHCB is a member of OMC, an International Hairdressing Organisation)
  • Skills Olympics/ Beauty Africa – preferential rates for members
  • Newsletters and Labour Law updates
  • Agency Shop Agreement
  • All SSETA related problems
  • Alliance Agreement with Intercoifure (ICD):Fashion Trends

Education & Training:

  • Preferential rates on specialist training seminars/courses
  • Competitor and Juror/Wiseman Training
  • Seminars & Workshops


EOHCB negotiates, on your behalf, all wage increases and salary schedules together with all amendments to the Collective Agreement