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By: Engineering Management  11-11-2011

Mining in Eve online can provide you with alot of Isk. Mining the highly targeted to earning the maximum amount of Eve isk possible. There are alot of do’s and don’t when it comes to mining. Mining is a much more difficult task than the average mmorpg.

Processed ore is more valuable than unprocessed ore but however if your mining skill is high and you are unable to process the ore you would not neccessarily make a higher profit. You will also need to have your own facitlity to process it as well. The processing is far more feasible to group miners than soloing.

You should always plan out how you will plan on mining. Check for pirate threats, choose an asteriod and you must do it quick and effecient. You will need to appear and disappear in the mining regions before the pirates have enough time to catch you. Bookmark your asteroid so when you jump back you should be 15km away from where you’re heading to. This will save you alot of time during each run.

You should maximize the time to money ratio. When you’re full high tail back to the station. You should check the market price before posting your ore for sale. At least for the first time so you would know the going price. If you manage to mine alot of more, a half decent offer of Isk should be good enough, considering that you are able to mine quickly.

Do not use your pods to set your bookmarks. Save your ships for any mishaps. Do not make yourself vunerable to priate attacks. Pods are slower than ships and their camera angle is not not adjustable like the ship’s.

Low Security areas have more valuable ores than higher security levels. Low security area stations usually pay higher than high security areas. With less security you might end up getting podded by priates while you are at work digging. If you plan on making big amount of Isks you may try the more secure zone, but keep in mind you will have to pay a higher fee for security.

If planned well solo mining can be pretty effictive, but none the less a group will always be more fun and possibly be able to mine more ores as well. If you’re group is able to work together effeciently with everyone managing their assigned task you can collect alot more ore even though it is divided among each other. Good luck and enjoy collecting them Eve Isk.

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