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By: Engineering Management  11-11-2011
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You are hard at work on a project when you have to stop everything to fix a PC problem. You call your PC manufacturer’s support line, where a technician diagnoses helping you solve the problem. Pretty shortly, you return to work.

Do you understand that the technician who just saved your project might have been continents away? Globalization is here. Globalization is linking countrywide economies. And it is causing unique technical problems for the business world – in the engineering field, for example. The expansion of the world economy can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it gives states the chance to reduce producing costs and to challenge in a world market. But on the other hand, it becomes tougher for a business to survive. Matching the best technical strengths in the world with the lowest cost is the essence of globalization. But with firms taking part in worldwide redistribution of work and production, engineers in today’s workforce are beginning to see the effects the worldwide market has on their roles. And there’s even more of a challenge for those in the field to expand their standard technical skills to other areas like project management, world selling and foreign languages. To prepare scholars for working abroad and working effectively on global design groups, tutors have started including technical course work that includes studying foreign languages and project management. Beyond these courses, colleges and varsities must also create nontraditional educational programs such as intercultural teaming, remote learning and cross-cultural communications.

ASME, a pro organization of engineers, realizes the requirement for a more worldwide instructional engineering curriculum and has started 2 programs for this reason. Its World Coaching Program trains engineering instructors in numerous world markets to administer ASME-approved continuing education courses in their local language. Engineering Management Validation Global is another worldwide centered program made by ASME, its scholars earn recommendations in project management that are acknowledged worldwide. ASME takes pride in identifying the rising desires and market standards in the engineering industry.

For instance, ASME has identified China as one such emerging market and shortly will open an office in Beijing to market the use and acceptance of northern US standards.

Keywords: engineering, Engineering Management, Project Management

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