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By: Enduroshield  11-11-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, Protective Coating, Steel Surfaces

EnduroShield® for Stainless Steel is a non-stick protective coating that seals the surface, making cleaning and maintenance easier. EnduroShield is completely invisible and does not change or alter the appearance of the surface. EnduroShield provides both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, reducing both corrosion and tea staining that often forms in coastal environments. Many acidic cleaners that are used to treat the corrosion that develops on stainless steel can accelerate and increase the return rate. EnduroShield will eliminate the need to use those cleaners, and will dramatically slow the corrosion process.

EnduroShield is ideal for use on all stainless steel fixtures including balustrades, facades, steel tiles, kitchen surfaces and appliances. The once only application makes dirt and grime easier to clean by up to 90%. It will also protect against corrosion and tea staining caused by contaminants including sea salt, bird droppings and pollution. EnduroShield continues to be specified by leading architects for application on both residential and commercial developments to protect the stainless steel surfaces and reduce maintenance time for clients.HOW TO APPLY
EnduroShield can be applied in factory to the stainless steel before installation or in situ by professional applicators. The product is a clear liquid that is sprayed and polished into the stainless steel creating a long lasting bond. APPLICATIONS
EnduroShield Stainless Steel Coating can be applied to all new or existing surfaces. Ideal applications include:



Extensive  testing  has proven EnduroShield to last beyond 10 years. A genuine 3-year limited warranty is provided for application to both new and existing stainless steel surfaces, however this does not infer the coating will stop working after this period.

Keywords: Protective Coating, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Surfaces, Steel Surfaces,

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Overtime it can discolour and look unsightly.EnduroShield™ is an ultra-thin transparent coating that completely adheres to the tiles & grout surface and provides protection that will repel both water and oil based stains. A genuine 3-year warranty is provided for application to all tiles and grout surfaces, however this does not infer the coating will stop working after this period.


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You can be assured a quality application and professional approach when you have your EnduroShield™ applied by an EnduroShield™ Professional Applicator. EnduroShield Professional Applicators are fully trained in the complete product range and are able to provide. Year warranty on existing glass and tile & grout surfaces.