Enduren Natural Drink, Cramp Buster, Energy Bars

By: Enduren  11-11-2011

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Products and Prices

All prices include VAT and delivery via Post Office. Minimum Order of R150.
Courier delivery to your door in main centras can be arranged for an additional R59.
Ship Tuesday Mornings and Friday Mornings.
Enduren Natural Endurance Drink Tub(1kg)        - R195
Enduren Natural Endurance Drink 1.95Kg Refill Foil Pack         - R298
Enduren Natural Endurance Drink 0.35Kg Foil Pack         - R85
Enduren Natural Endurance Drink Sachet (50g)   - R14
Enduren Cramp & Fatigue Buster Tablets (100)   - R59
Enduren Cramp & Fatigue Buster Tablets (300)   - R135
Enduren Natural Energy Bar; Oat-Coco    - R10
Enduren T-shirt (Black with Red Enduren Logo)   - R120
Enduren SunVisor (Black with Red Enduren Logo)  - R50
Enduren Shorts - Bip, Viking    - R470
Enduren Shorts - Kiddies    - R190
Enduren Cycling Top    - R450
Enduren Arm Warmers    - R160
Enduren 750ml Water Bottle (BPA Free)   - R25   (Web Special) (Normal price R40)
Enduren 115ml Gel/Powder Bottle (BPA Free)   - R7.50   (Web Special) (Normal price R15)

Note: BPA (Bisphenol A) is a common ingredient in many plastics. It has low acute toxicity; it is an endocrine disruptor and can mimic the body's own hormones, causing negative health effects including breast cancer and male impotance. Enduren is the 1st and currently only company to bring you to BPA FREE bottles at an affordable price

Discounts: The following volume discounts apply on web orders:
R500 -> 5%
R1000 -> 10%
R1500 -> enquire
R2000 -> enquire

Procedure to Order

1. Email your Order (including your postal address) to [email protected]
2. Enduren create invoice
3. You receive your invoice via email
4. You make an EFT (internet payment) to Enduren
5. Email your PoP (Proof of Payment) to Enduren
6. Enduren send your package via ordinary mail to your postal address

WIN Online Shop

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Endurance Sport Energy Drink Natural Nutrition Enduren

It assists in balancing the bodies stores of mineral salts essential for sport performance, fighting fatigue and preventing cramping.·Magnesium Phosphate is a nerve nutrient, anti spasmodic and general pain killer. This, combined with consuming Enduren during exercise, improves performance and delays the onset of fatigue and cramping.