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By: Enduren  11-11-2011
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1. Enduren Endurance Energy Drink

(Also refered to as Enduren Sports Drink, - Energy Drink, - Endurance Drink)

Enduren is a high performance completely natural carbohydrate supplement for the serious and recreational athlete. Specifically designed to raise energy levels, enhance endurance, prevent dehydration and aid recovery, it enables you to train harder and longer and race faster. The unique blend of slow, medium and fast release carbohydrates provides instant energy but also sustain energy levels leading to stable blood sugar during exercise. Mental vitality and concentration is promoted via the supply of glucose, which is a primary brain fuel. Enduren is exceptionally palatable, the difference between pure water and Enduren mix barely noticeable during strenuous physical exercise, with the effect that it is easy to drink continuously even during long events. The natural composition of Enduren prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions like gastro intestinal upset, mucus build-up, tight chest as well as cramping, often caused by additives in sports / endurance /energy drinks.

Consuming Enduren before exercise builds up the glycogen stores in your muscles and liver. This, combined with consuming Enduren during exercise, improves performance and delays the onset of fatigue and cramping. Consuming Enduren after exercise raises energy, assists re-hydration and rebuilding of glycogen stores, thus promoting recovery. Non-athletes can also use Enduren to raise and sustain energy levels during normal everyday work and leisure.


Fat Free
Sucrose Free
Proprietary Natural Carbohydrate Blend
No preservatives, colourants or flavourants
Energy: 1550Kj/100g


Consume 1 to 2 litres of Enduren, in addition to a carbohydrate rich diet, during the 2 to 3 days leading up to the event. For loading and recovery you can flavour the mix with your favourite fruit juice.

Day of Event:

Pre Event: Consume 500ml of Enduren in the hour leading up to the start. (As you get used to this routine you can bring it down to the last 30 minutes)
During Event: Consume 500 to 750 ml Enduren per hour.
Post Event:  Consume 750ml to 1.5l of Enduren within 30 min of end of event.


1 Tub Enduren makes up to 40 bottles (20 litres). Athletes are different and therefore some prefer a more concentrated mix and some a less concentrated mix, which will obviously influence the number of servings.

2. Enduren Cramp & Fatigue Buster

(aka Enduren Cramp Buster, Cramp Stop, Cramp Relief, Anti Cramp, Cramp Block, Cramp Bust, Cramp Remedy, Endurance Booster)

Enduren Cramp&Fatigue Buster is a unique combination of Magnesium-, Calcium-, Sodium-, Potassium- and Iron Phosphates. It assists in balancing the bodies stores of mineral salts essential for sport performance, fighting fatigue and preventing cramping.
·Magnesium Phosphate is a nerve nutrient, anti spasmodic and general pain killer. It aids greatly in the prevention and curing of cramping.
·Calcium Phosphate is a cell restorer. It improves bone density - people who are at risk of osteoporosis and/or experiencing delayed bone healing after fractures should be taking this regularly. It also plays a major role in blood development and blood cell formation. The blood is the vehicle the body uses to carry its fuel to its different muscles, organs etc.
·Sodium Phosphate is an Acid Neutraliser (thus reduce/buffer acid build up from lactic acid). It also helps in the prevention of vascular disease and heart attacks by protecting the vascular system from accumulated deposits. A shortage of this mineral results in clogged pores. It also plays a vital role in weight reduction.
·Potassium Phosphate helps prevent mental and physical exhaustion, it acts as a nerve and brain cell nutrient and is a strong anti-septic. It is absolutely essential for today’s stressful lifestyles. When one experiences poor memory, lack of concentration, hyperactivity in children, insomnia and the inability to comprehend it normally indicates a deficiency in this mineral salt.
·Ferrum (Iron) Phosphate is an oxygen carrier, anti-inflammatory. It increases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, thus increasing the body’s capacity for sports performance. A weak immune system and low resistance to infections also indicates a deficiency.
·Phosphate forms an integral part of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which powers most energy consuming activities of Cells.


Disolve 2-3 tablets under tongue, twice daily on an empty stomach, as a daily supplement if you train regularly or if you lead a stressfull life style.
Disolve 1-3 tablets per hour under tongue, during training/competition lasting longer than 3 hours.
Disolve 3 tablets under tongue, immediatly if cramping occurs in order to stop cramping.
Enduren Cramp&Fatigue Buster is a natural supplement which can be used on a daily basis for extended periods of time to ensure balanced stores of mineral salts. It is recommended to disolve Enduren Cramp&Fatigue Buster in the mouth as this ensures better and faster absorption of the mineral salts thus enhancing the effect of the tablets. If it is not possible to take it in this way it can be disolved in water or a natural drink like Enduren Natural Endurance Drink.

3. Enduren Natural Energy Bars

The first variant of Enduren's all natural energy bars are now available - the Enduren Oat Cocoa Energy Bar. All bars are preservative free, colourant free, flavourant free and free of other chemicals. Main ingredients will include whole oats, barley, rice, nuts, seeds, fruit etc. Watch our facebook page for launch dates etc.

Enduren's Artisan Made, All Natural, Oat Cocoa Energy bar provides sustained energy from seven different whole natural ingredients. Like our other products, we aim to provide the consumer with healthy and superior energy delivery from wholesome natural ingredients. Energy delivery comes from a wide variety of complex carbohydrates present in the raw products, a small amount of naturally occurring fructose and glucose and MCT’s from coconut. MCTs are fat that the body use immediately as energy – almost as fast as glucose but through different pathways with out insulin involvement, this delivers additional energy over and above the energy delivered by carbohydrates. They are easy to chew and digest, and taste really great. A small amount of naturally occurring protein assists in prevention of muscle breakdown.
Feedback from top athletes like Dan Hugo, Melt Swanepoel, Lourens Luus and Yolandi du Toit confirms the quality of these bars and we had some 12 people that used the bars during the Sani2C and many others during Ride the Rhino, Cape Pioneer Trek, Isuzu 3 Towers and MTN Marathon series all with excellent feedback, even from consumers with very fussy eating habits.
The bars are free of: preservatives, colourants, flavourants, chemical additives, wheat and dairy.
The bars contain a wide spectrum of naturally occurring trace minerals and vitamins found in the raw ingredients. These assist in athletic performance and strengthening of the immune system and include: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B-6, Folate, Folic Acid, Choline, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Lutein + zeaxanthin.
They are also an excellent option for a healthy snack during a normal work day or breakfast when you are short of time.Some of the feedback received include:The bars are awesome, great energy delivery and they have a definite clean palate feel to them, much like the drink mix.
– Dan Hugo – SA Xterra Champ and 2nd at World Champs '11.
I love the bars. Easy to eat, chew and swallow. Also won't go rock hard in sub zero temps.
– Tim James Winner of Freedom Challenge / Race across South Africa ‘09.
The bar taste fantastic, is easy to eat and digest and packs a lot of energy per bar
- Melt Swanepoel (Top SA Mountain biker)
Enduren Energy bars produced some amazing kick today
- Lourens Luus (Winner of National MTN Marathon (80km) Series 2011)
The bars were great, no negative feedback, and even my fussiest of mates ate them, this is the guy that attacks the doughnut stand at the sani2c feed stations! So I know this is a winner!
– Bernhard.
I like the bars a lot, eventually a bar that really tastes nice
– Lizelle
Dit het baie goed gegaan vandag. Die Enduren tent was besig. Die energybars het baie goeie feedback gekry. Proe baie lekker.
– Manus de Waal.

Keywords: Energy Drink

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