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By: End2end  11-11-2011

While prepaid services continue to fuel global mobile subscriber growth and have come to represent a very large majority of some communications service providers overall subscriber numbers, nevertheless there remain many challenges associated with the provision of real-time mobile services:

  • Service complexity, in terms of how services are provided and what platforms are required (IN, CRM, Billing, Recharge, SDP, CAMEL, Retail etc)
  • Fragmented service coverage, resulting in an inconsistent user experience and restricting revenue opportunities in some case
  • Inconsistent cost base, with limited subscriber loyalty and average revenue per user (ARPU) consistently low
  • High cost to the end user, as prepaid services tend towards higher tariffs compared to postpaid services

As a service provider you are looking for a number of attributes associated with prepaid services, including enabling new revenue streams, fast return on investment with low costs and some way to reinforce customer loyalty and optimize prepaid traffic.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this, including launching more flexible pay-as-you-go roaming and prepaid roaming data plans, enforcing usage policy controls, providing more self service and recharge options, the provision of more personalized subscriptions - including convergent prepaid/postpaid options, and negotiating a broader roaming footprint with your partners.

  • Enabling prepaid data roaming
  • Providing network infrastructure elements
  • Traffic handling and optimization
  • Increased footprint for prepaid, regardless of CAMEL3 support
  • Home based credit control
  • Roaming usage policy control
  • Improved user experience management

MACH’s real-time services portfolio provides everything you need to manage prepaid roaming and data services.

  • Real-time roaming policy management: notification options, parental control, graceful termination options, personalized user experience, service provider configuration portal
  • Prepaid Data Hub: Hosted subscriber options, direct content billing, advice of charge, spend control options, loyalty options, multiple re-charge options, convergent prepaid/postpaid service mix for voice and data, as well as real-time roaming policy controls
  • Service Aware Charging: Charge on service type and URL, content blocking, personalized price plans and tailored service bundles
  • Real-Time Re-Rating: Re-rating based on VPLMN, Prepaid/Postpaid re-rating, Operator configuration portal

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