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By: Encore  11-11-2011

| | SOLUTION: For many of our clients, its not so much about acquiring new clients but ensuring that those ‘prospects' you attract are converted. We have worked with many of our clients to implement a sales management system to stop prospects falling through the cracks and increasing initial consultation appointments by up to 250% | | SOLUTION: We have researched the reality of accountant referral relationships and identified why they do and don't work. Many of our clients now have SUCCESSFUL arrangements because they have followed our process of developing their model and establishing and managing the relationships. | | SOLUTION: By having a REAL marketing plan. We have worked with almost every client on developing a thorough marketing plan that is solid and has a purpose - rather than a collection of ad-hoc marketing initiatives. We structure all promotion activities through all channels of distribution in a simple to implement plan. | | SOLUTION: Many of our clients had a back office with severe inefficiencies that not only reduced profitability but also seriously affected the business' ability to acquire and service clients - it can be a downward spiral. Our process and workflow specialists have taken these clients through a proven system to put into place a best of breed back office. | | SOLUTION: Some of our clients faced this dilemma of how to remunerate their salaried planners and staff for their efforts and ensuring they deliver what the business is focused on. This is not an easy model to establish and transition into the business, but at the end of the day brokers are being well rewarded for their efforts and the business is more profitable. | | SOLUTION: Many businesses in our industry are heavily reliant on the owner's ability to generate revenue, however, these brokers are bogged down in administrative tasks. We have redesigned how the sales and service of the clients is handled to ensure the advisers are spending their time generating revenue, not handling revenue. | | SALE OF MY BUSINESS?
SOLUTION: Many of our clients are faced with the question of succession and/or sale of the business. We have assisted them by ensuring the business is well prepared for succession or sale with a robust back office, effective marketing and plans to increase business value. | |