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Our Product Assurance (Applies to Emu Oil & Emu Oil Soft Gel Capsules)

  1. All products have registry numbers with the M.C.C (Medical Control Council)

  2. Capsules manufactured by a reputable manufacturer that has been in the business since the 1970's, they are registered and certified by the M.C.C and T.G.A .

  3. All products manufactured to G.M.P standards

  4. Final Product tested by the S.A.B.S (South African Bureau of Standards) and other certified testing facilities.

  5. All oil is Gamma Eradiated.

  6. Our facilities have back up generators to ensure freezer temperatures does not fluctuate.

  7. Our capsules are packed in a certified pharmaceutical facility.

For useful information regarding Emu Oil & Capsules go Useful Information on this page

Soft Gel Emu Capsules

100 Soft Gel Emu Oil Capsules

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Emu Oil

Emu Oil 

A-Grade/Fully Refined/High Grade


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Useful Information

Safety Data Handling Sheet for Emu Oil

Uses : Emollient

Description: A semi-solid white to yellow mass at 20 degrees C; at 60 degrees C it becomes somewhat clear, slightly yellow tint, liquid.

Boiling Point: 335 – 360 Degrees C

Flash Point: 320-330 Degrees C                               

Water Content: 0.03% - 0.70%

Solubility in Water: Insoluble                          

Hazard Information – Health:

  • Emu oil has no known adverse health effects, is not a known ocular irritant, is not a primary dermal irritant, and is not a known toxic substance to rats. Emu oil is an all-natural substance.


  • There are no known threshold limits for Emu oil.
  • Ventilation: there are no known precautions required under normal conditions.
  • Inhalation: Emu oil does not present any inhalation hazard under normal conditions.
  • Personal Protection: not required under normal conditions.
  • Flammability: Under 140 degrees C, Emu oil is not considered combustible.

Safe Handling Information:

Transport and storage: Emu oil should not present problems with transportation or storage. It should not be transported or stored with toxic substances, flammable materials, explosives, oxidizing materials or spontaneously combustible materials. Keep containers sealed tight to prevent contamination. Store in cool areas, using light inhibiting containers.

Spill & Disposal: Keep spill contained using absorbent materials such as sand, pig blankets, or sawdust. Clean up and seal in labeled containers for disposal. Clean area with water. Waste materials may be incinerated under controlled conditions as and where permitted. Check local waste management regulations in your area for other approved methods.

Useful Information

Safety Data Handling Sheet for Capsules

Requirements of safety data of the manufacturing process and data sheets pertaining thereof.

  1. The manufacturer of soft gel capsules is registered with the TGA of Australia and has GMP Standards in place for the production of soft gel capsules.
  2. The processor of oil has records of all batches processed that the agreed temperature for process should be 60 deg C for 5 minutes or 100 deg C for one minute.
  3. We hold a certificate of original process and slaughter of requirement of a veterinary certificate to be supplied with each batch and the raw material extracted were healthy and fit for human consumption.
  4. We  hold  all documentation records pertaining to the manufacturer of each batch of capsules
  5. As noted we will not supply product after the expiry date.

Products Emu Oil Capsules by Emunique


If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner (Doctor)

Standard Indications

Temporary relief of the pain of arthritis (or temp arthritic pain) may help reduce joint inflammations associated with arthritis.

Relief of muscular aches and pains

Relief of pre-menstrual symptoms/syndrome

Relief of the effects of psoriasis on the skin

Temporary relief of the pain of rheumatism

Specific Indications

Typical Omega fatty acids analysis per 1000 mg Capsule

Omega 3 fatty acid (linolenic acid) per 1000 mg Capsule

Omega 6 fatty acid (linolic acid) per 1000 mg Capsule

Omega 9 fatty acid (oleic) per 1000 mg Capsule

Emunique soft gelatin capsules may be of benefit for the listed inflammation  conditions  provided temporary relief from the pain of arthritis  and rheumatism. Relief for pre menstrual symptoms (PMS) to relief from the symptoms of eczema and the effect of psoriasis of the skin. Relief of the above conditions may be observed 3 – 6 weeks after taking the Emunique capsules.

Emu oil is a natural anti inflammatory and must be used as directed.

Pack size – various


  1. Dosage form  - Capsule Soft Gel
  2. Route of administration – Oral
  3. Visual identification - Oval Opaque Soft Gel Capsule
  4. Active Ingredient - Emu Oil – 1000 mg

Iodine & Peroxide Values

  • Iodine value would give you an indication of how rancid the oil could become i.e. the potential of the oil to be oxidized.

  • Peroxide value is an indication of how rancid the oil already is.

In most technical specifications both Iodine and Peroxide values are given, Peroxide value alone is more than sufficient because it will give you an indication of how rancid the oil already is which is what you need to know before you continue buying from your supplier.

International Emu Oil Standards on A.O.C.S


These standards are for finished and crude oils. "Finished" oil is defined as oil which has been "refined, bleached and deodorized" by processes generally recognized in the commercial oil industry. All other oils are defined as "crude". The Standards are consistent with results from qualified independent laboratories, member's and non-members' collective experience and judgment. as well as previous work done in Australia.

Team members bring broad and relevant experience representing the entire value adding chain from raising birds to research to sales and marketing. Two members are from Canada and four from Australia and fourteen from the US. There are two medical doctors, a doctor of pharmacy, two university professors and several engineers on the team. They draw support from a worldwide network of other resources including the American Oil Chemists Society (A.O.C.S) the international organization for professional interest in the science and technology of fats, oils and related substances.

Most of the analytical methods specified are A.O.C.S method that are standard for the oil industry worldwide. 

No information contained in this website is intended as medical advice. We make no medical claims, expressed, or implied. Please contact your physician/doctor for medical advice.

Keywords: Emu Oil, Product Assurance, Soft Gel