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By: Elumac  11-11-2011

This solution will provide the client with the ability to read analogue values, draw and print charts of the logged data e.g. temperatures, volts, amps, KVA, pressure etc. It will also display high and low alarms. Please note that this is off-the-shelf software and limited to 800 analogue inputs. Connection to 24HR manned control room is available via internet or GPRS connection.

This solution will provide the client with the same abilities as the e-Lumac.monitoring.net solution but will also be able to read digital inputs e.g. compressor trips and starts.

This solution will provide the ultimate solution to any control nightmare and this is the advisable and preferred solution. This solution is customized for the clients’ specific needs and has only one limit, your imagination. Unleashing your plant’s full potential. It also provides an extra remote viewing ability and 24hr monitoring.
This is a full control system for all types of DX refrigeration systems.

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Any one of our solutions will give you peace of mind and enable you to focus on your business.

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All control code is run in a none graphical vb.net created application on a Windows 7 operating system connected to a unlimited number of dumb IO devices via Modbus TCP. E-Lumac gave birth to a new concept the "Virtual Logic Controller" which make the use of expensive PLC's and embedded controllers obsolete. This changes any type of conventional hardware controller into a vb.net class. Visit eLumac at the Frigair Expo.