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By: Ellipsis  11-11-2011
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Electronic communications regulation is a vast and complex field and our experience is that we are constantly faced with new situations. Ellipsis has the industry background, understanding and contacts to meet the needs of those looking for something other than the discrete services listed below.

All prices below are exclusive of VAT and are intended as guidelines to be confirmed by way of quotation.


Holders of licences issued by ICASA and providers of electronic communications services are required to comply with a variety of legislation and regulation and keeping compliant can be overwhelming. Ellipsis therefore offers a retainer-based service aimed at ensuring that licensees are kept in good standing with ICASA and other interested parties such as the Film and Publications Board and law enforcement agencies.

Services provided as part of the compliance retainer include:

  • Ensuring compliance with the Standard Terms and Conditions of  applicable to licences, including incorporated regulation as set out in a Regulatory Compliance Calendar (to be developed)
  • Provision and continuous updating of required documentation including a Code of Conduct and Subscriber Service Charter
  • Provision of assistance with submissions and required payments to ICASAin respect of annual licence fees and contributions to the Universal Service and Access Fund (USAF)
  • Advice on non-ICASA obligations such as registration with the Film and Publications Board and customer registration under the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act (“RICA”)
  • Provision of information relating to relevant regulatory processes


License registrations
Class ECS R2 750
Class ECNS R2 750
Class ECS + Class ECNS R4 000
Licence Exemption R2 500

Type approval applications

1st application R5 500
Subsequent applications R3 500

Numbers applications

1st application R3 500
Subsequent applications R2 500

Frequency applications

1st application R3 000
Subsequent applications R1 750


We provide, on a per quotation or retainer basis:
• Advice and opinions on regulatory and electronic communications licensing issues
• Representation before ICASA and other industry bodies
• Representation in respect of disputes and complaints
• Advice in respect of WASPA compliance
• Due diligence assessments around regulatory compliance
• Drafting of general agreements requiring an understanding of technology and electronic communications
• Submissions relating to ICASA regulatory processes
• Interconnection and facilities leasing agreements
• Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreements
• Software and general ICT agreements


Ellipsis offers an advisory service to assist WASPs in complying with the WASPA Code of Conduct and Advertising Rules. We will assist in making your advertisement / campaign / service compliant before you go to the expense of implementing it.

Our compliance team consists of specialist ICT lawyers who have served as WASPA Adjudicators and on the WASPA appeals panel. They all have an intimate knowledge of the WASP industry and are well placed to advise on all aspects of WASPA regulatory requirements.

Use of our service greatly reduces the chance of being subject to a WASPA formal complaint, and if any sanction is ultimately imposed it is likely to be less serious because you took reasonable steps to ensure compliance.

Keywords: Communications Services, Electronic Communications, Electronic Communications Services, Regulatory Compliance