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By: Eleckula  11-11-2011
Keywords: control panel, Clean Water, Water Plants

Welcome to Eleckula Projects

Eleckula specializes in manufacturing and installing of motor controlled centres and panels as well as electrical contract work. We also specialize in maintenance, repairs and new installation of all submersible and centravucle sewer and clear water pumps. Over the years, we have built our technical strength and capabilities; we are capable of manufacturing many types of control panel as well as undertaking site installation work anywhere in South Africa and the neighbouring territories. Through our commitment to perfection, eleckula has entrenched itself as a standard-bearer. In recognition of its excellence and quality

Panel Manufacturers, Electrical Wholesalers, Contractors and Sewerage and Clean water Plants

We offer services such as repair and maintenance of pump control panels, generator sets and process control panels. Our skilled technicians are in-house trained to solve any problem with our products to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our facilities include CAD drawing design, control panel assembly, wiring, testing, site installation and commissioning of our products.

In terms of our water treatment solutions we offer the following:

Equipment supply of pumps and pumping systems, water and wastewater treatment, and alternative energy equipment. The full list of equipment is as follows:

Water Treatment

Package treatment plants

Chemical dosing Systems

Sludge Contact ClarifiersSystems

Rapid Gravity and Pressure Sand, and Multimedia FiltersClarifiersSystems

Immersed Membrane Systems

RO and Ultra Filtration

Ozone Systems

UV Disinfection Systems

Chlorination Systems

Water Softeners and DI

Wastewater Treatment

Package Treatment Plants; 4PE to modular containerized systems

Screening: Rotary and deep well back rake machines

Degritting: Circular and rectangular units, and classifiers

Immersed membrane systems

Aerators: Diffuser, vertical spindle (high, medium and low speed) and horizontal units in floating or fixed bridge configuration.

Settling tanks/clarifiers: Circular and rectangular. Echelon, radial scraper type and suction lift units.

Radial Mixers

Submerged Media Attached Aerated Growth Systems (BIOCLEAR)

Sewerage Distributors: Siphon and Gravity Machines, Dosing Siphonsi. Sewerage Distributors: Siphon and Gravity Machines, Dosing Siphons(BIOCLEAR)

Archimedean screw and axial lift pumps

Sludge Dewatering: Dissolved Air Flotation, and Belt Presses.

We offer design, supply, installation, commissioning and testing of mechanical, electrical, control and civil work for all of our above mentioned divisions.

Specialized Services





Keywords: Clean Water, control panel, Water Plants