Elas Africa

By: Elas Africa  11-11-2011

Create an environment in your home that is filled with beauty, safely secured and offers top quality entertainment. Elas Africa Projects can create an atmosphere in your home that invites relaxation in. Elas Africa Projects creates simplicity and convenience with the flick of one switch.

Complete home automation:

Lighting Designs

Control the intensity, channels and colours of lights in your home. Control when your home is lit and in which rooms. Save energy and money by enabling yourself to control which parts of the home is lit at selected times during the day and night.

Audio Distribution

Organise and choose your music from other devices by flicking one switch.

Custom Home Theatres

Manage and control your satellite dish, television, dvd player and other home systems off one sensor. We can customise your home theatre system to be as exclusive and effiecient as you can imagine.

Security & CCTV

We install surveillance cameras, night and day event recording, access control and intruder alert alarm systems. Travel a lot? Your CCTV can allow you to record and view footage from anywhere in the world.