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By: Ekoinfo  11-11-2011
Keywords: game reserve, Information System, Natural Resource

Georeferenced government 1: 10 000 scale aerial photos of a section of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve – Mpumalanga, South Africa (Client: Deneys Reitz Attorneys, Sandton)


EkoInfo CC uses vector and raster based Geographic Information System (GIS) software to compile maps from aerial photographs, satellite imagery and available or newly captured natural resource data. The GIS software used, are ArcInfo and ArcView, both from ESRI and Idrisi Kilimanjaro from Clark Labs. These products are capable of importing or exporting digital information in a variety of formats. EkoInfo CC can on request print the maps from A4 to A0 either in-house or from printing services.


  • Georeferencing Of Aerial Photographs For Use In GIS Software
  • Digitizing And Georeferencing Of Hardcopies (Handdrawn Or Published)
  • Compilation Of Customized Maps For Reports, Public Meetings Or Posters

Keywords: game reserve, Geographic Information, Geographic Information System, Gis Software, Information System, Natural Resource

Other products and services from Ekoinfo


EkoInfo | Services

EkoInfo CC assists those institutions whose activities have an influence on the environment to comply with the monitoring requirements implied within the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act or stated in the National Environmental Management Act and related bills e.g. Biodiversity Bill, the National Water Act.


EkoInfo | Products

EkoInfo CC has available and/or has access to experts who specialize in aquatic environments, hydrology, geology, pedology, ornithology, zoology, entomology, mining, surveying and rehabilitation. The information from these surveys are used in State of the Environment Reports, Strategic Environmental Assessments or provincial environmental monitoring.


EkoInfo | Fauna surveys

They are the most conspicuous component of the environment when disasters occur and can muster large reaction from the public when their existence is threatened. It has in-house expertise for medium to large mammals and uses taxa- specific zoologists for small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, arthropods and insects. EkoInfo CC does fauna surveys as part of EIA’s, EMPR’s and livestock management reports.


EkoInfo | Flora surveys

EkoInfo CC specializes in phytosociology (vegetation description and mapping) as part of baseline studies for EIA’s and EMPR’s, as well as for livestock management reports. Within the political boundaries of  South Africa, approximately 23 420 species have been recorded of which 948 species are listed as Red Data. Plants convert sun energy into a format which is accessible to millions of organisms (consumers – humans and animals).


EkoInfo | Soil surveys

EkoInfo CC does soil surveys on  a reconnaissance level during its vegetation assessments to enable correlation between soil conditions and vegetation distribution. Soil represents an anchor for plants as well as a source of nutrients, its physical and chemical properties determine which species will grow successfully in it.