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By: Educos Vision Services  11-11-2011
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Vision Recruitment Manager assists companies to apply their recruitment strategies within the confines of current legislative practices.

Vision allows the process of recruitment to be streamlined, ensuring that tasks are completed on time, data is easily extracted, and time-consuming tasks such as producing letters of regret are automated. A skills database is maintained, allowing easy retrieval of potential candidates for a specified job.

An Assignment is created as soon as recruiting of any nature is to take place. An assignment number is allocated with a start date and details of the recruiting to take place. An Assignment may be created on an ad hoc basis, or may be based on there being a vacant position in the company's organisational structure. The system automatically keeps statistics per assignment of the number of applications received and the number of regrets.

Full details of each Application received may be recorded, such as biographical details, previous employment, qualifications, references, etc. At a summary level, there is a "regret" flag which may be used to indicate whether the candidate has been excluded from further consideration.

A Tracking facility enables the progress of applications through the system to be monitored. Each step in the recruitment cycle may be recorded (e.g. initial assessment, first interview, second interview, reference checks), and each step may specify a follow-up date and a regret indicator. If the candidate is regretted at any of these itemised levels, the regret is automatically reflected at the application level.

The Costing facility allows for the monitoring of costs at a detail or summary level so that each assignment may be financially assessed. These may include the costs incurred in using agencies, placing ads, conducting tests, etc. Standard Letters may be set up and requested at any stage of the recruitment phase. An unlimited number of letters may be stored and the contents easily changed.

Vision uses a sophisticated selection process in order to assess the suitability of the candidate to the job or position being filled. A Position Profile is made up of the "ideal" requirements in respect of each of the following dimensions: Duties, Responsibilities, Skills, Competencies, Knowledge, Abilities and Personality.

A set of Interview Questions may be defined and linked to the various dimensions of the Profile. This may be printed and used as a questionnaire in the interview to ensure that legislative requirements are adhered to. The proficiencies of the candidates may be assessed by matching their profiles to the Profile that has been set up for the vacancy.

A successful external applicant may be Appointed as an employee and automatically taken on to the Vision Personnel Manager. Alternatively, if an existing employee is appointed, their record is updated with the new position details, effective from the movement date.

  • Initiate line management requests
  • Manage assignment tracking
  • Manage applicant tracking
  • Analysis of costs of hiring
  • Automate letters of regret / offer
  • Match applicants to job profiles
  • Appoint with no recapturing
  • Seamless integration with other modules

Keywords: recruitment

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