By: Edjulia Security Services  11-11-2011

Latest news

One of our guards caught guys stealing sheeps in the farms last week. The farm owners had been having this

problems for a while now. Thanks to Edjulia security service his problems are now solved. The guard who

 did such an astonishing job will be the guard of the month of February. We at Edjulia security service reward our

staff so they can keep up the good work. When our staff is happy so will be our clients. Be on the look out for our

next month guard of the month and what did they do to get the title. 

 Latest news 16 March 2011

Last week Sunday one of our manager witness a breaking in one of the local school.He manged to get the guy car registration number.

The following day took that information to the school.They investigated that some of their sports equipment were missing.

They called in the police then asked the manager if he was willing to make a statement. Which he did as we at Edjulia strives for exellent service although the school is not our site. Thepolice are still investigating. On month end we will still nominate guard of the month. Who will it be?  

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