Informationen about ecom PNA-11 - BG-certified people-emergency-system

By: Ecom Instruments  11-11-2011

Investment in equipment and software

The investment in equipment and the alarmmonitoring centre may vary greatly. The following questions will help assess requirements:

  • Would it be possible to operate the alarmmonitoring centre with existing resources? (E.g. as an additional independent system installed in the control room.)
  • Would it be preferable to have a security firm operate the alarm-monitoring centre?
  • How many workers need to carry out tasks unaccompanied?
  • How much work has to be carried out where the workers are unaccompanied?

We would be happy to prepare an individual quote and assist you in determining the required investment in equipment and software.
The example presented below, however, intends to show how quickly the investment in personal security systems like the ecom PNA-11 could be recouped.

The initial situation

1st assumption

The intention is to introduce a personal security system.
The company has five employees who are being required to work in areas exposed to medium levels of risk. These levels of risk therefore demand that these workers be supervised when carrying out their work. These tasks make up 30% of the days‘ work time. The employees sometimes work in areas where explosions may occur (Zone 1).

2nd assumption

The alarm-monitoring centre may be installed in the control room as it is always manned.

3rd assumption

The average wage costs for the workers, including wage-related costs, total around 3,500 EUR.

4th assumption

A solution certified by the Accident Prevention and Insurance Association, like the one by ecom instruments, is required.


The investment in the alarm centre with up to five incorporated emergency-call units is approximately 8,000 EUR, plus hardware (see below), training and a certain degree of reorganisation.

The 611-Ex mobile phone, certified for Zone 1 explosive areas, fitted with a mandown sensor and GPS would cost around 9,100 EUR for five workers (if the employees work in shifts, the 611-Ex mobile phones may be used around the clock with the spare batteries and desktop charger). The investment in hardware and the workplace would total around 5,000 EUR.


The total investment for the above scenario would total around 22,100 EUR. If it is necessary to supervise the workers when they‘re carrying out work in areas exposed to risk, the costs and therefore the savings achieved using the ecom PNA-11 would total around 5,300 EUR per month. In this case, the system would have paid for itself in just five months.

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