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By: Eco-clear  11-11-2011

 An enzymatic based digester of organic matter. Structured with Quantec Nano Technology.


Sewage and organic effluent streams contain a complex mixture of products which usually have to be degraded to simple compounds before they can safely be disposed of into the environment.


The enzymes present in ENVIROFRESH will immediately start to break down organic matter.  The reaction products together with nutrient salts in ENVIROFRESH create a perfect medium for the growth of the bacteria present.  These organisms will secrete additional enzymes capable of attacking proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This     hydrolysis and the continued application of ENVIROFRESH will maintain a liquefied waste and reduce offensive odors.


pH optimum               :   5.0 – 7.5

Temperature tolerance:  Up to 400C

Effluent pH outside this range is usually either very acidic or alkaline and in practice requires pre-treatment before disposal.  The enzymes present in ENVIROFRESH will tolerate temperatures of up to 700C.  However, the micro-organisms will not withstand temperatures in excess of 400C.  Thus for synergistic performance and coexistence of the blend, the lower temperature should apply.


High concentrations of heavy metals will inhibit the activity of the system. The presence of chlorine, bleaches etc. can also have a detrimental effect and neutralization of these inhibitors is necessary before application of ENVIROFRESH.


ENVIROFRESH is a standardized blend of enzymes, non-harmful bacteria and nutrient salts to the following specification:-

  • Form                      :        Liquid
  • Primary enzymes:        a-amylase
  •                                 :        b-glutamate
  • Proteinase
  • Enzyme derivative:        Bacillus subtitles
  • organism:
  • Bacteria                 :        107 organisms/g
  • Nutrient salts        :        Phosphates


  • Heavy metals        :  Less than 50 ppm
  • Aflatoxins              :   Absent
  • Antibiotic activity   :   Absent
  • E. coli                   :   Absent in 0.1 g

ENVIROFRESH is manufactured to the recommendations of the WHO Food Additives Series No. 2 1972.


Light brown liquid with a typical “bacterial” odor. Completely miscible in water.


ENVIROFRESH is available in liquid form and packed in 200Lt, 25Lt and 5Lt plastic containers.


Due to the similarity in composition of organic wastes and the universal action of ENVIROFRESH many different applications of the product are possible.  I.e. ENVIROFRESH can be used for domestic, industrial or agricultural effluent problems.

The addition rate of ENVIROFRESH will vary depending on the severity of the problem and some flexibility in dose rate may be necessary due to local conditions. Various uses for the products are given in the table overleaf along with suggested dose rates.


1.    AGRICULTURE WASTE – reduction of high solids/crusting of waste:  liquefaction and cleaning (i.e. cowsheds, piggeries, poultry farms etc.)


Initial Dose Rate

Regular Maintenance Rate

Method of Application



Effluent pits


Slurry tanks

1 kg per 10 tones

Animal weight.

1 kg/ 20 000 litres

1 kg/ 250 000 litres

Weekly for two weeks,  then 500 gm per week

½ kg/20 000 litres per week


Spray over surfaces.

Spray on surface.

Spray over cone.

2.    SEWAGE PLANTS - general aid to processing.


Initial Dose  Rate

Regular Maintenance Rate

Method of Application

Trickling filters

Anaerobic digesters

Retention ponds Activated sludge

1 kg/ 4.5 million litres

1 kg/ 45 000 litres

500g/4.5 million litres per week

Repeat for 3 days then per week

Add to primary settling tank

Add to inflow pipe

3.    ABBATOIRS – for easier handling of high protein/fats in concentrated areas.


Initial Dose  Rate

Regular Maintenance Rate

Method of Application

Total effluent


Grease traps

4 kg /450 000 litres per day

100g/ 500 litres capacity

Repeat for 3 days then ½ kg/450 000 litres

50g/ 500 litres per week

Add manually

Pour through drain.

4.    FOOD WASTE – DOMESTIC & INDUSTRIAL – reducing blockage of drains, pipes: treatment of effluent not on main drainage: reduction of odors.


Initial Dose  Rate

Regular Maintenance Rate

Method of Application

Effluent tanks

Cess pits

Septic tanks

Grease Traps


Portable toilets

400mls per typical house




100mls per month

30mls per fortnight

30mls per week

30mls every emptying

Through any convenient access point e.g. toilet





ENVIROFRESH is designed as a bio-technical aid to treatment of organic waste material offering the following advantages: - Liquefaction & reduction of solids, reduction of odor, easier disposal of waste, aids general cleaning of soiled areas, safety in operation of effluent systems, offers a viable alternative to current processing techniques using a bio-technical approach.

The information contained in this leaflet is to the best of our knowledge, true & accurate, but any recommendations or suggestions which may be made are without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control.  No license or immunity under any patents is granted or implied.

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