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By: 5th Energy  11-11-2011
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How does it work

When you walk into a room the sensor detects your presence and turns the lights and air-conditioning on.

When there is no movement detected by the sensor the timer starts counting down, each sensor has a  built in adjustable timer defaulted to 10 minutes. If any  movement is detected before the timer gets to zero, the timer resets and starts counting down again. As soon as there is no motion detected for 10 minutes the lights and air-conditioning are switched off. This delay time can be adjusted to your liking from 10sec. to half an hour.

It’s like having an invisible person walking behind you turning off the lights when you leave.

Sensor Technology

Passive Infrared

5th Energy sensors utilise a (PIR) dual element detector located behind a multi-segmented Fresnel lens with 1400 switching zones able to detect fine finger movement. Each lens segment generates a pair of collector beams. As heat given off by the human body moves in and out of the beams, the detector “sees” this and   triggers the occupancy mode.

Sound Receivers

Electro Acoustic Transducer technology incorporates a microphone with the PIR detector, providing an ideal solution for areas with obstructions like bathrooms with stalls or open office cubicle areas. This Dual Technology within one device first detects motion using the PIR and then engages the microphone to listen for continued occupancy. Sophisticated circuitry tunes the sound detection to sudden noise changes only and filters out the background “white” noise making it able to detect a human presence regardless of motion.

Hi -Frequency

Cutting-edge high-frequency sensors (HF) invisibly conceal inside the ceiling and instantly respond to the tiniest movement regardless of temperature and direction of movement and automatically switch on the lights.

Keywords: Detector, Lights