The Herbal Horse

By: HappyHorseCo  06-25-2013
Keywords: Natural Products, Nutritional Supplements

The Herbal HorseProducts: 500g, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg - (250g, 1kg for the Mare Mix)
1x 500g packet last 1 horse 1 month or 1 pony2 months

Ultimate Mix
with probiotics, prebiotics, MSM andglucosamine.
Contains probiotics (Lactobacillus sporogenes/Bacillus coagulans), prebiotics, MSM, Glucosamine, Kelp, and Spirulina.
We have found that a lot of horse-owners areusing several supplements at once to maintain heathly horses. In particular,many horses and on probiotics, multivitamins and joint supplements. The HerbalHorse has combined all three into one comprehensive and cost-effectivesupplement.
Use this:
- to maintain good health in your horse
- as an alternative to using 3 supplements -probiotic, joint and multivitamin
- if your horse is stiff
- to maintain digestive health
- during antibiotic use 

Rejuven Mix
with devil's claw, MSM and glucosamine
Helps to fix those little aches and pains,helping to change your horse's movement from stiff little arthritic steps tofree, forward, confident paces. Contains Devils Claw, MSM and Glucosamine.
Use this if:
- your horse is stiff
- your horse is old
- your horse suffers from joint disease

Immune Mix
with echinacea, ginseng and phytosterols
Boosts immunity for a heathly,disease-resistant horse. 
Contains echinacea, bioflavonoids, garlic,phytosterols.
Use this:
- if your horse is exposed to foreignpathogens
- when moving or travelling a lot
- for allergic conditions and skin problems
- during epidemics such as African HorseSickness

Farrier's Mix
with kelp, biotin and methionine
Formulated to help to address nutritionalimbalances that result in hoof problem. 
Contains biotin, methionine, zinc, kelp,rosehips.
Use this if:
- your horse has weak hooves or cracks
- your horse is footsore
- your horse is loosing shoes

Calm Mix 
with 5-HTP, chamomile and a calming blend ofherbs
Are you too afraid to ride your horse, becausehe bucks or shies or misbehaves? The problem could be nutritional.
Contains 5-HTP, thiamine, magnesium and acalming blend of herbs
Use this if:
- your horse is "hot", spooky ortense
- your horse is moody during her season
- your horse is agitated or nervous duringevents 

Endurance Mix
with ginseng, MSM and lysine
Using advanced nutritional research to legallyand safely optimize your horse's performance.
Contains Ginseng, vitamin B12, lysine,spirulina, folic acid and MSM
Use this if:
- you compete in endurance, polo, polocross,eventing, showjumping, etc
- your horses energy decreases over time whencompeting

Sport Horse Mix
with ginseng, spirulina and amino acids
This is the horsey version of a bodybuilder'sformula. Used in conjunction with the correct exercise, it will put on muscleonto your horse in all the right places. Also helps to increase stamina andfree movement. 
Contains amino acids, soya, ginseng, MSM andspirulina.
Use this if:
- you need to build muscle tone in your horse
- your horse competes in sports which requirea lot of energy
- your horse is lacking in topline muscle

Mare Mix - (NEW!) - (250g, 1kg, 2kg)
with herbs, vitamins and omega oils
For mares with problems related to theiroestrus cycle - behaviour issues, pain, swelling, moodiness, sexual aggression.If your girl is unrideable every 22 days, this is for her.
Use this if:
- for moody mares with hormone-relatedbehavior problems
- to help reduce the symptoms of PMS in mares- pain, moodiness, swelling, aggression, etc
- to nutritionally help balance your mare'shormones

Digestion Mix
with probiotics, prebiotics and liquorice
Contains probiotics (Lactobacillus sporogenes/Bacillua coagulans), prebiotics and a stomach soothing blend of herbs.
Use this:
- to maintain good health in your horse
- in habitual colickers
- if your horse suffers from ulcers
- if your horse crib-bites or windsucks
- if your horse is on antibiotics

The Herbal Horse manufacture quality naturalsupplements for horses

Each one of our quality horse supplements:
-is carefully formulated by Beryl Shuttleworthherself
-contains herbs, vitamins, amino acids andminerals that we know to be both safe and effective
-contains only high grade ingredients - nocheap ingredients, no dodgy suppliers
-is researched regularly, keeping itscientific, up to date and legal

Keywords: Natural Products, Nutritional Supplements

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The Herbal Horse

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