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By: Saab Grintek  11-11-2011


Students of Freedom Park Secondary School received a boost to their facilities with the investment of a state-of-the-art iLab classroom by SAAB. The Hawkstone iLab classroom is a self-contained and fully equipped turn-key computer educational facility which will provide learners with access to a computer training environment. The units are linked to the internet and are designed as integrated solutions, offering basic classroom equipment, ruggedised technology to prevent theft and vandalism, and control software.


Saab Grintek Technologies (SGT) has managed to improve its BBBEE standing in 2010 by achieving a level 3 certification, after having achieved a level 4 BBBEE rating in 2009. Following a Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) verification process that commenced in 2009 and saw SGT achieve 70 points (level 4) on its scorecard, the telecommunications company recently improved its score to 77 points for its 2010 assessment.


Saab Grintek Technologies (SGT) has ensured that Vodacom SA can boast a Self-provisioning network through a full turn-key project, which realized in 1000 microwave links successfully installed to Vodacom SA’s benefit. In June 2007 SGT commenced work on a project that has since resulted in one of its biggest achievements to date. By delivering a service to Vodacom SA that extended from supply through to service restoration, SGT has enabled this mobile telecommunications leader to render an even higher capacity service to its customers.

26 May 2009

South Africa as a signatory to the United Nations framework convention on climate change and the Kyoto protocol also has an obligation to reduce greenhouse gases. Part of Eskom’s 6-point climate change plan is to promote energy efficiency measures that would translate into measurable reductions.  Aiming to save 3000 megawatt over the next six years, Eskom wants to save 8000 MW by 2025. Each industry sector has a role to play to meet these energy-reducing targets.

9 February 2009

Saab Grintek Technologies will, as a subcontractor to Integcomm, supply the transmission back-bone microwave network, IP MPLS transmission network, mobile data system including mobile video transmission, voice data and video recording system, WiMax 802.16e broadband radio network, status and alarm monitoring system, network engineering and integration services and network installation services.

Integcomm , EADS Defence & Security and Saab Grintek Technologies have been selected to equip the Eastern Cape province of South Africa with the latest state-of-the-art TETRA technology

        • A 5-year project worth close to a billion rand
        • Aims at improving the security and the fight against crime for around 7 million people
        • A major investment ahead of the 2010 world cup

9 February 2008 – Integcomm has won a close-to-a-billion rand contract to build a digital command-and-control network for the South African Police Service (SAPS), in the Eastern Cape.

23 July 2009

Telecommunications, Defence and Security company Saab South Africa donated R2million, for two iLab classrooms to rural schools in the Limpopo Province.  This was done in partnership with the South Africa Army and Bakenberg Traditional Council.

“The donation is set to highlight the company’s continuous involvement in uplifting underprivileged communities and to cultivate relationships with leaders in these communities,” said Florence Musengi, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Saab South Africa.

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Saab Grintek: Services

The training facilities at Saab Grintek Technologies have traditionally offered training in many of its partnering OEMs solutions for several years now. Ranging from services to deploy turnkey infrastructure, whether on a Build Operate and Transfer basis or a fully outsourced solution. Saab Grintek Technologies offers a complete range of services in the telecommunications arena. The OEM solution training portfolio is constantly growing.