CNC Routers

By: Woodtech  11-11-2011
Keywords: vacuum, Machine Design

Posted Wed, 30/06/2010 - 15:19 by WoodTech


  • Robust South African design
  • Unique user friendly design software
  • Windows based controller making connectivity a breeze
  • Tool changing included
  • Nesting based CNC
  • Full board capabilities
Machine Design
  • AC brushless motor system (Max Rapid Speed - 90m/min & Max Feed Speed 50m/min)
  • Robust, sturdy construction
  • Includes hold down vacuum as standard (15kw)
  • Supplied with optimized extraction vacuum system as standard (7kw)
  • Oversized machine components such as linear rails, rack and pinion, structural framework, servo drives etc. to ensure reliability
  • Simplicity in design
Features and Benefits
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Minimized operator errors
  • Diverse panel style options
  • Profile routing and edge routing
Model Length Width Height Weight
C-Nest Exec 5.3 m 3.1 m 2.3 m 5 ton
 Spindle HSD 8kW
 Axis 3 Axis
 Style Gantry Static vacuum table with moving gantry
 Maximum Board Size 3,715m x 1,860m
 Tool Changer Automatic tool changing system for 16 tools
 Tooling Not included
 Extraction Included in design for optimum extraction
 Single Boring Yes
 Electrical Requirements 45kW, 3Phase plus neutral
 Pneumatic Requirements 7 Bar, clean dry air
 Remote data capture point Yes, can network to own PC
 Board Holding Included 15kW (board sweeper - standard)
 Gantry clearance 230mm
 Nesting Facilities - Panel & Carcass nesting software provided
- Cuts full boards to require sizes as well as individual components
- Inside profiling
- Outside profiling

Keywords: Machine Design, vacuum

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