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By: Wilson Mcwilliams  11-11-2011

It is a fact of life that a large number of people don’t devote much time and attention to ensuring that their affairs are in order when they pass on.   Few people review their will on a regular basis and it is amazing how many people have a will that is completely outdated or don’t even have a valid will.

The consequence of not having a valid and updated will can be serious (for example there are cases where ex-spouses of a deceased person have inherited that deceased’s entire estate leaving his current spouse and children destitute).

Ensuring that your financial affairs are in order upon your death involves not only having a valid will but also structuring your affairs during your lifetime.  You need to ensure that your assets not only devolve upon your chosen heirs but also that such assets are held and distributed in the most tax efficient way.

Our estates and trust department can assist you with regards to the above by rendering services and advice relating inter alia to:

  • Drafting of wills
  • Property and tax structuring (in collaboration with your auditors)
  • Formation of Testamentary Trusts
  • Formation of Inter Vivos Trusts (Family Trusts, etc)
  • Investment in off-shore assets
  • Insuring your assets
  • Administration of deceased estates

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