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By: Ufs  11-11-2011
Keywords: Electrode, Membrane Electrode

TECTRON Membrane Electrode Cell is a flushable anode Cell used in electrocoating (ED) paint system with most types of paint. It serves as the opposing electrode and simultaneously removes solubilizer, or neutralizer (usually a common organic acid) from the paint to maintain chemical balance.

Other customer benefits include:

  • Safe and Easy Handling
  • Hard to Damage Design
  • Low Electrical Resistance
  • Quick and Easy Inspection Procedure
  • Maintenance Friendly

TECTRON ME Cell End User Benefits
There are several benefits of the TECTRON ME Cell. The first being its tubular, or cylindrical shape and the unique features that result from this profile.

TECTRON ME Cell Configurations

TECTRON Large Diameter Cell
The TECTRON Large Diameter Membrane Electrode (ME) Cells are designed to meet the needs of the automotive marketplace.

TECTRON One+ C Cell 
The TECTRON One+ C Cell are designed to eliminate flange nuts and bolts which are proven to be typical leak points.  The One+ C Cell is a superior design for the Automotive E-Coat paint systems.  Currently we have 2 Models to choose from.  Our P4 model has an anode that is made from 316L SS with wall thickness of 3.4 mm (0.137 inch) which is the same as competitve C Cells. We also offer our P5 model which the anode is made from 316L SS with wall thickness of 4.2 mm (0.165 inch) which is 22% thicker than competitve C Cells.

TECTRON ME Cell Models
TECTRON ME Cells are available in Base and Premium Models.

Keywords: Electrode, Membrane Electrode