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By: The Weldyne Group  02-08-2011
Keywords: Corporate Gifts, Promotional Items, signage

Were a Company who has been in existence for nearly 60 Years manufacturing a vast array of PVC products from PVC Binders to Slip on School Book Covers.we also do promotional goods like rulers, Bunting Flags, Banners and much more.We print signs like the ADT Alarm signs and all other types.
We manufacture PVC Key Rings,Document Holders, Baggage Tags & Passport Holders for the Travel Industry.We print stickers of all sizes and shapes, including dome stickers for all Industries.
We also supply day to day stationery requirements.
For our range of Promotional items go to www.bagsandmore.co.za
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Keywords: Corporate Gifts, License Disc Holders(Round & Pocket type), Menu Covers, Plastic Goods, Promotional Items, PVC Key Rings, PVC Printed Rulers, Ring Binders (All Sizes), School Book Covers (PVC Thick), Screen Printing, signage,