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By: Relay System Technology  11-11-2011
Keywords: Protection Systems, Excitation Systems, Generator Excitation Systems,

Relay System Manufacturing offers services in all aspects of the Protection, Control and Measurement of Electrical Systems (380V to 400kV).

1. Design, Manufacture, Instalation and commissioning of:

    – Protection, control and measurement systems

    – Generator AVRs and Static Excitation Control Schemes

    – Design of protection control and measurement schemes for:

    – Transformers and Reactors

    – Feeders

    – Generators

    – Bus-bar

    – Motors

    – Capacitors

2. Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Reticulation  A. Design and specifications of systems  B. Testing and commissioning of:

    – Protection relays and schemes to improve performance and security

    – All types of current and voltage transformers

    – Transformer protection devices

    – Circuit breakers

    – Motors, Capacitors, reactors etc

    – All electrical functions of generators

    – Existing installations (Re-Testing and audit of)

    – Existing installations (Re-Engineering and / or refurbishment of ).

    – Power Generators: 500kW to 600MW

    – Generator Excitation Systems

    – Generator Voltage Regulators (Suppliers of)

  C. Rotating Plant Testing of:

    Generator Static Tests performing:

    – Rotor winding tests RSG: RO

    – Stator winding tests (capacitive discharge and tip-up voltage)

    – Voltage Regulators

  Generator Dynamic Tests:

    – Short circuit characteristic

    – Open circuit characteristic

    – Rotor stray flux analysis

    – Excitation related vibration analyses

    – Voltage regulator response (test and setting)

    – Generator heat-run (tests)

    – Synchronisation (tests)

  D. Performance and Failure Analysis

    – Post fault investigation of Protection and Plant Failures

    – Recommendations and solutions to avoid further occurrences

  E. Maintenance / Refurbishment

    – Audit of existing protection systems & plant via performance testing & evaluation

    – Recommendations regarding maintenance and upgrading

Keywords: Excitation Systems, Generator Excitation Systems, Protection Systems, Relay System,

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