Computer Repair Services

By: PC SYSTEMS FIXED  04-20-2010
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We take pride in providing the highest level of service to you with both commercial and residential services offerings and support. Our goal is to always provide a pleasant experience for you with minimal down time so that you, your family, and office can keep working!

What’s the fastest, most efficient, and cheapest way to keep working? Use our exclusive “Tech-On-Call” program.  An online remote access program to get you up and running almost immediately! In our local area, we also provide a pickup service for a nominal fee, for those of you unable to bring your computer to us.

Regular maintenance is critical for computers. Heat is one of the most common and destructive forces to a computer. Because computers need to properly draw in cool air and vent out hot air, they also draw in dust. Dust blocks all the openings into your case, clogs up your cooling fans, and prevents your electronic components from being cooled properly.

Along with providing a superior level of service and customer satisfaction, we will also offer every opportunity to educate you about software choices at the same time.

Expect fast and efficient handling of your computer issues. Whether a business, where “up time” is critical, or a student at home who has an important paper due in two days, we get you working again fast.

We are efficient and AGILE.

  • Easy-to-manage budgeting
  • Easy-to-manage single supplier
  • Over 40 years combined support experience
  • Adaptable to change
  • Flexible & agile
  • Wide ranging support infrastructure
  • Open source expertise
  • Linux and Microsoft solutions always
  • Dependable warrantees

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