Cycad E. lebomboensis

Cycad E. lebomboensis from P.E. Cycads

By: P.E. Cycads  09-01-2010
Keywords: Landscaping Plants, Encephalartos cycads, South African cycads,

Cycad E. lebomboensis
This cycad is endemic to South Africa. These cycad plants, which have their habitat in Kangwane, Mpumalanga and the Pongola River Valley, were in the past regarded as a subgroup of E. lebombo-
ensis and were called the "Piet Retief " variety.  Because they are so distinctly different from the other group, growing on the Lebombo Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal, the name of the latter group was recently changed to E. senticosus. This cycad is easily grown, is hardy and will tolerate full sun. 

Keywords: Encephalartos cycads, Landscaping Plants, South African cycads,