Putzen Weniger C1012XN

Putzen Weniger C1012XN from Ocean Power Hydraulics

By: Ocean Power Hydraulics  10-11-2015
Keywords: altenators, Putzen Weniger C1012XN

CG manufactures a wide range of Traction Alternators (both Static & Brushless) for all Diesel Locomotives. Some of our typical alternators with their applications are as under C1002XN 1400 HP Diesel Electric Multiple Units (HHP DEMU) The alternator is single bearing machine designed for operating directly connected to the diesel engine with a flexible disc type coupling. The high voltage capability of the alternator provides a wide locomotive speed range without the need for field weakening. The traction alternator has salient rotating field, which provides low inductance design of field circuit and contributes to quick response of the alternator in cooperation with static exciter. The main pole field winding is provided with mechanical rigidity and good heat transfer characteristics. Coil supports are provided to prevent distortion of the main pole coils due to centrifugal forces. The armature of the exciter consisting of low loss steel laminations is also mounted on the shaft. The class H Insulation System with solventless resin provides best protection against moisture, sand, salt, humidity and corrosive atmosphere ensuring trouble free operations under the most demanding conditions. Transient voltage dips are lower. Higher rating diodes have been used in rotating rectifier assembly to ensure high product reliability & performance. The rotating diodes are protected by a surge suppressor, which has the ability to chop the high voltage transients. The alternator is forced cooled by an engine driven centrifugal blower. Cooling air enters the air box and first cools the diode rectifier banks before cooling the alternator. Reduced temperature rise and Higher Thermal stability. Silicon rubber insulation provides cushioning effect to stator winding.

Keywords: altenators, Putzen Weniger C1012XN

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