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By: Metsi Water Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: Water Treatment, Potable Water, Water Treatment Chemicals

Metsi Water Solutions is a leading supplier of water treatment chemicals in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. A large proportion of chemicals supplied are Flocculants, which are used in potable and sewage water treatment.

Raw water structures differ from site to site, because of this, a range of different flocculation chemicals are supplied to customers by MWS. The company specialises in identifying which flocculant ( or combination of flocculants ) best suites each individual application. This process is achieved via a series of on-site ( as well as laboratory ) trials, in which chemicals presently used are tested and evaluated against alternative products, so that, an optimal and cost effective chemical treatment solution is found for each individual site.

Most of the flocculant products marketed by MWS are manufactured by NCP Chlorchem, who are the leading manufacturer of potable water purification chemicals in South Africa. MWS is the sole representative and supplier of NCP products in the Eastern Cape region, supplying Ferric Chloride, Ferrifloc 1820, Ultrafloc ACH / Polyamine blend products, including Ultrafloc 3500 and Alifloc to regional government facilities as well as industrial customers.

Because of the exclusive relationship that exists between MWS and NCP, MWS has access to the latest standards and developments relating to water treatment chemical production and use in Southern Africa.

MWS service also provides for the treatment of sludge thickening using polyacrylamides.

A polyamine is an organic compound which consists of two or more primary amino groups. This class of compound includes …

A polyacrylamide or poly, is a polymer formed from acrylamide sub units that can also be cross linked. One of …

The appearance of this product is a clear dark orange to brown colour solution.

Aluminium Chlorohydrate (ACH)

Aluminium chlorohydrate is best described as an inorganic polymer and as such, is difficult to structurally characterise. In water purification, …

Aluminium Sulphate is an Industrial Chemical used as a flocculating agent in the purification of drinking water and waste water …

Keywords: Flocculants, Potable Water, Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment, Water Treatment Chemicals