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By: Kyle Main  11-11-2011
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  • Specialised swimming coaching for tri-athletes, Ironman participants, open-water swimmers etc
  • Official Ironman swim coach thus work together to bring about combined program
  • Individual one-on-one lessons purely for stroke build-up and correction
  • Squad training that focuses on structured programs and stroke correction
  • Training camps that are designed for beginners. Strokes are analysed using an underwater video camera, strokes broken down and built up correctly
  • Underwater video analysis
  • Open water training- becoming comfortable in the sea, entries and exits, reading tides, currents etc
Individual one-on-one lessons

30 minute individual lesson designed to correct stroke dynamics and bad habits through specialised drills.


Teaching children from ages 3 years and up to adults- R40 per lesson, duration 20 minutes

Squad coaching

Structured group sessions designed to maintain correct form while at the same time increase aerobic endurance.

  • Ironman/triathlon squads
  • Open-water training squads
  • Masters/fitness squads
  • Waterpolo squads
  • Junior squads
Video analysis
Lactate testing

The really useful information of lactate testing shows you the changing relationship between effort and speed - more effort means more lactate so, at the low intensities the speed increases faster than the lactate; at the higher intensities, the lactate changes faster than the speed. It's the same as working a little harder for a big reward, then having to work much, much harder for further, smaller and smaller rewards. The thing which keeps you going is that the rewards are incremental - no matter how much smaller they get, the total just keeps getting bigger and you swim faster.

Lactate information shows you the oxygen use where it counts - in the muscles, at the cellular level. Heart-rate monitoring, although a very simple and very useful tool, does not, and cannot, do this. Heart-rate monitoring shows you the oxygen demand by the muscles; it does not show the oxygen use. Oxygen use, not oxygen demand is a limiting factor in swimming fastest.

Swim Workshops

Held over a weekend that consists of video analysis, theory on swim training and open water swimming, strength training and drill sessions. Each workshop can take a minimum of four individuals and maximum of eight. Designed to give the start-up swimmer the knowledge and practical instruction of correct swimming techniques.


Tailored gym training programs for individuals who are looking for sport specific strength gains.


Biathlon is a multisport discipline that involves running and swimming over various distances for the different age groups. (see table for age groups and distances.) These two seperate disciplines takes place at different times on the same day. First all athletes will be running their event on the track and after all the running numbers have been completed all athletes will swim their events in either a 25m or 50m pool.
Times are recorded for each discipline and points are then allocated according to the times recorded. (see table below to see how the points system work.) The ideal will be to achieve at least 1000 points for the running discipline and 1000 points for the swimming discipline to then have a total of at least 2000 points.

Biathlo is an continuous run-swim-run event under the umbrella of The Modern Biathlon Association.

Specialised running coaching designed for individuals who are currently competing in or potentially wanting to compete in Biathlon, Biathlo and Aquathons.


Structured programs that are tailored for specific athletes.


Year-round swim training designed to keep kids at top fitness levels. 3 sessions per week.

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Keywords: Coaching, Professional Coaching, Swim Training, Swimming,