Hurter Cabs, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

By: Hurter Cabs  11-11-2011
Keywords: transport, Vehicle, Personal Baggage

Hurter Cabs agrees to transfer its clients, (hereafter referred to as the passengers) on the following basis:

  • Hurter Cabs will conduct all transfers with a suitable vehicle equipped to carry up to 4 passengers and their personal baggage. The said vehicle(s) shall be in possession of a valid roadworthy certificate.

  • Vehicles with an air-conditioner may be requested, subject to availability.

  • Hurter Cabs will conduct all transfers with a clean vehicle.

  • Hurter Cabs will render a reliable, safe and convenient service.

  • Hurter Cabs will ensure that the vehicles used will have extended passenger liability insurance.

  • Passengers shall be transported in a non-smoking vehicle.

  • A driver of Hurter Cabs shall, at all times, comply with the rules of the road and drive in a responsible and courteous manner. The safety of the passengers shall be paramount

  • Hurter Cabs shall be available to transport the passengers and their baggage within 30 (thirty) minutes from receiving an impromptu service request, subject to the availability of cabs that are not under hire at the time.

  • Hurter Cabs undertakes to be punctual with a service request that is received 1.5 hours or longer before pick up/collection.

  • For each transfer, Hurter Cabs shall charge the passenger the amount as calculated & displayed on the taximeter, according to the applicable rates in force as amended from time to time.

  • A driver of Hurter Cabs shall activate the taximeter either after the passengers have boarded the taxicab, or once the passengers have made contact with the driver and requested the driver to wait before boarding.

  • The drivers of Hurter Cabs shall travel the shortest route possible from the collection point to the drop off point.

  • Keywords: Personal Baggage, transport, Vehicle