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By: Grant Thornton South Africa  12-08-2011

Where is your business heading? And how will you get there? Grant Thornton advisers help answer those fundamental questions for a range of organisations around the world.

The privately held business market is a catalyst for economic growth. It's a progressive segment, with high levels of productivity and innovation, essential to the health of the global economy. These businesses may find themselves anywhere on the performance curve from experiencing exponential growth to finding themselves stalled in their trajectory. All of them have the challenge of ensuring that their business is structured and positioned to gain the best advantage.

Grant Thornton understands businesses like these, we have worked with them over many years. We appreciate the drive that got you to your current position and we have ideas to help you move forward. This could be the next big step for your business.

Services to privately held businesses include:

Privately held businesses global capability brochure
Derived from the insights of senior practitioners working directly with privately held businesses, the brochure demonstrates our global reach and expertise within the privately held business market; it covers all market sub-segments, including family enterprise, closely held listed companies, serial entrepreneurs, professional services firms and private equity firms.

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