Flexible Screw Conveyors: Overview

By: Flexicon  11-11-2011
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Principle of operation

The intake end of a flexible screw conveyor tube is typically equipped with a charging adapter a U-shaped trough that connects to the outlet of a hopper or directly to the outlet of process equipment such as a bulk bag discharger, bag dump station, grinder, crusher, screener, blender, reactor or storage vessel of any kind.

The flexible screw passes through the charging adapter trough, exposing a section of the screw to material flowing into the trough from above. When rotating, the exposed section of screw feeds material into the outer tube, where it is then propelled through the tube by the enclosed portion of the screw.

A phenomenon resulting from the loose fit of a rotating flexible screw within a tube filled with bulk material, is that the screw automatically self-centers within the tube, providing clearance between the screw and tube wall. This affords sufficient space for particles to flow without damage, depending on the fragility and size of particles being conveyed.

A removable clean-out cap covers the intake end of the conveyor tube, permitting rapid emptying and flushing of the tube, as well as disassembly and wash-down of components.

Because the intake end of the screw requires no bearing, and since the discharge end is coupled to the motor drive above and/or beyond the point at which material exits the discharge spout, material does not come in contact with seals or bearings. The flexible screw is therefore the only moving part contacting material.

Move virtually any bulk material

Free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials and blends

Flexicon flexible screw conveyors offer efficiency and versatility, conveying bulk materials ranging from large pellets to sub-micron powders—both free-flowing and non-free-flowing—with no separation of blended products.

For moist, sticky, friable or other difficult-to-handle materials that pack, cake, smear, plug or break apart see .

Only one moving part

The only part contacting material in a Flexicon flexible screw conveyor is the rugged flexible screw which is driven by an electric motor. As it rotates, the screw propels material and self-centers within the conveyor tube, providing constant clearance between itself and the tube wall.

This simple design does not require cables, chains, disks, internal bearings, and numerous moving parts found in bucket elevators, rigid augers, drag chains, and/or aeromechanical conveyors—parts that can add initial cost, require maintenance, wear out, breed contamination, and/or break down.

Convey in any direction

Whereas many conveyors (such as rigid screw conveyor, bucket elevator, drag chain conveyor and aero mechanical conveyor designs) have limited angles of incline and/or straight-only conveying paths, Flexicon flexible screw conveyors can move material vertically, horizontally, or at any angle—over, under, or around obstructions, through small holes in walls or ceilings.

Gentle product handling and blending

Flexicon flexible screw conveyors can handle your products gently, because the flexible screw self-centers as it rotates. This can provide ample clearance between the screw and tube wall to prevent grinding, crushing, and other product damage.

In addition, the gentle rolling action created by the screw prevents the separation of blends throughout the entire length of the conveyor.

Flexible screw pioneers

Perhaps no other manufacturer has advanced the application of the flexible screw conveyor as far and as fast as Flexicon—the first to introduce 4 1/2inch (115mm), 6 inch (150mm), and 8 inch (200mm) diameter screw/tube combinations that elevated the capacity of this category of conveyor more than 10-fold in an 8-year period. After more than 15,000 installations worldwide involving a gamut of bulk materials, Flexicon has amassed a wealth of performance data on flexible screws—many of which have been engineered, machined and formed to Flexicon specifications. To you, it means that Flexicon has most likely solved your problem in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible—or can do so as a matter of routine.


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