BULK-OUT Bulk Bag Dischargers: Overview

By: Flexicon  11-11-2011
Keywords: Bulk Material, Access Doors, bulk bag unloaders

BULK-OUTTM Bulk Bag Dischargers provide dust-free
loading, untying, retying and removal of bulk bags

All BULK-OUTTM Bulk Bag Dischargers are offered with a broad range of innovative accessories (many patented), delivering an unprecedented level of efficiency, cleanliness and economy. A range of integral flow promotion devices is available, as are dedicated that loosen bulk solid materials that have solidified during storage and shipment, enabling bulk bag unloaders to discharge the material through bag spouts.

Revolutionary advances overcome limitations of outdated designs

Just as bulk bags changed the way bulk material was stored and shipped over the last decade, so will these bulk bag dischargers revolutionize the way you load, untie, retie, remove and collapse bulk bags in the future.

No longer must your operators reach through cramped access doors and awkward glove boxes, struggle to retie partially empty bags, clean up spillage after disconnections, dislodge products from dead spots or flatten bags manually.

Performance never before possible

Flexicon's latest generation of bulk bag dischargers can eliminate the drawbacks of outdated designs while dramatically improving convenience, safety and cleanliness. The heart of the new design is a bag spout interface that not only creates a dust-tight seal, but promotes material flow and total evacuation. It also allows easy retying of partially empty bags, and can collapse empty bags—free of spillage and dust.


Keywords: Access Doors, Bulk Bag Dischargers, bulk bag unloaders, Bulk Material, Bulk Solid Materials,

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